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The Student Activities Board at CU makes sure there are always opportunities for you to be involved in the fun on campus!

Life at Cornerstone is a well-rounded experience. Students work hard in the classroom, but there's also major opportunities for making friends and having fun! The Student Activities Board is all about planning events that give you a break from long nights in the library - a time for meeting new people, spending time with your dorm mates, cheering on your favorite CU team, or watching friends perform crazy skits and songs. Check out our list of regular events below. There's something for everyone!

Midnight Madness - Every year to kick off basketball season

CU Beach Day - Terra Firma Fall Orientation Event

SNOC - Tuesday night before classes start, every year

As a welcome back to school, the entire Community Life staff puts on a sketch comedy show as a way to "orient" the new students to Cornerstone culture, and as a way to make the upper classmen laugh harder than any other time of the year! A much loved CU tradition!

NIGHT OF NETS - Every Fall

CU athletes lead this movement each fall with the goal to provide insecticide-treated bed nets to families all over the world at risk of contracting the deadly disease Malaria. In partnership with World Vision Act:s, this event gives CU students the chance to live out our mission of having a global influence!

PowderPuff - Every year, beginning of October

Every fall the ladies from Pickitt Hall take on the ladies from Cook Hall in an intense game of flag football. This event draws students from all over campus to come cheer on their dormitory of choice. It's more than just a game - it's for dormitory pride and year-long bragging rights! 

Midnight Madness - every year, beginning of October

Every fall students gather in Mol Arena to welcome the start of the season for CU's men's and women's basketball teams. Students have the chance to compete in different types of games and contests- usually ending with big prizes! The festivities start particularly late at night, but it is no doubt a night of excitement and energy!

MUDBOWL - Every year, first week in October

Mudbowl is CU's longest lasting tradition, a mud football game battle between the classes! Each year students dress up in crazy outfits and old tennis shoes and prepare to get stuck in the mud as they play flag football for a chance at the coveted Mudbowl title!

MOCK ROCK - Every year, fall semester

CU's very own lip singing competition! Students dress up and mock their favorite music artist and perform their songs in front of the whole student body. It's the best "concert" of the year!

*Pics taken by CU Senior Kelly Gampel

LATE NIGHT BREAKFAST - Monday of exam week, each semester

Take a break from studying for this hour-long breakfast each semester during exam week! Play games, eat pancakes, and of course win TONS of prizes, all with the hope of relieving some exam stress!

HOMECOMING BALL - Every February

Homecoming is a much-celebrated weekend here at CU. Students love the chance to dress up and go out on the town to dance and celebrate the legacy of CU!

*Photos by Blake Wisz Photography


Here at CU students rid themselves of the post Spring Break blues by racing their way to victory in the annual Mario Kart Madness Tournament - think college basketball, but way more intense! 


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