The key to success.

The Marketing Major at Cornerstone University gives students an understanding of what consumers value and strategically planning ways to meet their market’s needs. With technology making brand awareness a key to success in a competitive field for businesses, Cornerstone equips students with the knowledge to understand their customers.

What distinguishes Cornerstone's Marketing program?

Brennan Whetstone '15 | Major: Marketing | Minor: Bible

"Through the Business Division at CU, I was able to be a part of Enactus, a student organization committed to directing entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. I forged business and leadership skills while actually making a difference in peoples' lives; I watched it happen right in front of me. And now, as a licensed realtor with Keller Williams, I owe Enactus and the business professors all the credit for the confidence and the practical career skills I needed to get here."

Tim Alia '14 | Majors: Marketing and International Business

"Throughout my time at CU, I was able to get involved with a number of extracurricular activities that helped me become a more marketable employee. I served on various advisory boards, leadership teams and clubs such as the Business Advisory Council, Enactus, Student Government, Student Activities Board and Admissions. I was able to travel through the Middle East, studying and applying the business practices of the region."

Carrie Bass '08 | Special Events Coordinator & Marketing/PR Manager at D.A. Blodgett for Children

"Cornerstone prepared me for the challenges I face daily. I find myself sitting in conferences or meetings and hear information that echoes my time spent in many of classes. Cornerstone prepared me as a confident working professional, but also as a woman of integrity."

Mitch Ward '08 | Major: Marketing

"My business professors taught me important real-world principals in the classroom, imprinted on me the weight of ethics in an unethical industry, educated not just by book but by example, but more significant than any of that, they displayed to me the value of an unconditional open door and an overextended helping hand."

What can I do with a major in Marketing?

  • Event Planning
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Manager (For Profit or Non-Profit)
  • Marketing Research Associate

How can I complete my degree program in three or four years?

Download sample degree plans for a major in Marketing.

3 Year Marketing Degree Plan

4 Year Marketing Degree Plan

Where are internships and partnerships available for students in the Marketing program?

  • Ada Bible Church
  • Amway
  • Fifth-Third Bank
  • Leigh's Fashions
  • Noah's Ark Rafting
  • RBC Ministries

With a major in Marketing, what classes will I take?

Marketing Management | MKT-350

A systematic assessment of the roles, responsibilities and tools of the marketing manager and how these are used to develop marketing plans and strategies. Application to current situations will be emphasized.

Marketing Problems and Strategies | MKT-452

An in-depth view of marketing strategies and how they are employed to identify and resolve today’s marketing problems, including ethics considerations. Emphasis is on case analysis, concepts applications based on identifiable controllable and uncontrollable forces, the integration and synergy of marketing programs.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Marketing?