M.A. Historical Theology

The Master of Arts in Historical Theology degree develops in a student the competencies essential to the academic study of the history of Christian doctrine and spirituality in preparation for admission to a doctoral program and for teaching at church-related colleges and seminaries.

Program Details

The 63-credit program consists of:

  • 33 Bible credits including both the Greek and the Hebrew Language
  • 30 Historical theology credits

The program emphasizes the historical development of Christian doctrine and spirituality, the study of ancient languages and the use of critical methodology in biblical and historical studies. The program curriculum contains a core of basic biblical and theological studies, a historical theology specialization and a section of advanced elective credits. The program also includes a modern language exam and a comprehensive program exam.

Applicants for the Master of Arts in Historical Theology degree program must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution. (Applicants must also have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA in any undergraduate coursework taken in biblical and theological studies.) Students must achieve a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA to graduate from this program; the school may dismiss any student whose GPA falls below 3.0 in any two semesters during the course of study in this program.

The tuition for the MA Historical Thoelogy is approximately $30,680. Learn more about Costs and Aid.

Degree Outcomes

  • Teaching Ministry
  • Advanced Theological Education

Course Plan

Our program checklist breaks this program into modules and lists the courses required for each module. Depending on how many classes you want to take each semester, the average MA Historical Theology student completes the program in 3-5 years. The average full-time student takes 12 credits per semester; the average part-time student takes six credits per semester.

The following document is a sample of how you might arrange courses for the Master of Arts in Historical Theology degree program. We encourage you to arrange your course plan in a way that will fit your own desired course loads, interests and available dates and times.

Student Learning Objectives

Students who complete the Master of Arts in Historical Theology curriculum will be able to:

Core Curriculum

  1. Conduct basic biblical interpretation and application with reference to the English Bible texts.
  2. State a basic understanding of the primary elements of Christian theology.
  3. Demonstrate basic knowledge, values and competencies associated with spiritual, worldview and leadership formation.

Historical Theology Specialization

  1. Describe the major periods in church history and their contributions to the development of the Christian theological tradition.
  2. State the ideas of key theologians within the history of the church.
  3. Demonstrate critical theological reflection upon the development of doctrine within the principal divisions of the Western theological tradition.
  4. Demonstrate research and writing skills in historical theology.

Graduates of this degree program have the option to receive their diploma from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary or Cornerstone University.