Student Teacher Midterm & Final Evaluation Form

Cooperating teachers will use this form to evaluate their student teaching assistants.

Midterm & Final Eval
Response to Authority
The intern understands, respects and operates within supervisory structure. *
When concerns arise, the intern works to solve the issue by working with the correct persons. *
The intern communicates openly and works to avoid misunderstandings. *
The intern works to avoid miscommunication. *
The intern approaches the profession with enthusiasm, looking for opportunities to grow. *
The intern always acts in a mature, professional manner. *
The intern demonstrates commitment to quality, concern for students, and willingness to meet demands of the profession. *
The intern completes responsibilities in a timely fashion and is making progress toward fulfilling portfolio. *
Reaction to Stress
The intern actively looks for help and support from colleagues and supervisors. *
The intern engages in healthy conflict resolution practices. *
The intern is always ready to help in any way possible and ready to adapt when necessary. *
Response to Constructive Feedback
The intern actively solicits feedback and accepts it with grace. *
When difficulties arise, the intern does not avoid responsibility but makes positive suggestions on how to move forward. *
When faced with problems, the intern actively looks for solutions on their own. *
Knowledge of Pedagogy
Intern displays extensive content knowledge with evidence of continued learning. *
Intern displays continuing search for best practice and anticipates student misconceptions. *
Knowledge of Students
Intern uses knowledge of students' varied learning styles in instructional planning. *
Intern displays knowledge of the interests or cultural heritage of each student. *
Instructional Goals
All goals are clear and permit viable methods of assessment. *
Goals take into account the varying learning needs of individual students or groups. *
Knowledge of Resources
In addition to being aware of school and district resources, the intern actively seeks other materials to enhance instruction. *
Designing Coherent Instruction
The lessons' structure is clear and allows for different student needs. *
Assessing Student Learning
Assessment criteria is clear and has been clearly communicated to students. *
Environment of Respect
Intern demonstrates genuine caring and respect for individual students and the students respect the intern. *
Classroom Procedures
Groups working independently are productively engaged and students assume responsibility for productivity. *
Transitions are seamless *
Routines for handling materials are seamless with students assuming some responsibility for efficiency. *
Systems for performing non-instructional duties are well established. *
Managing Behavior
Standards of conduct are clear to all students and developed with student participation. *
Monitoring by intern is subtle and preventative. *
Intern response to misbehavior is highly effective and sensitive to student needs. *
Organizing Physical Space
The classroom is safe and students adjust the furniture to advance their own learning. *
Intern and students use physical resources optimally and students ensure that all learning is equally accessible to all students. *
Directions and procedures are clear to students. *
Spoken and written language is correct and expressive. *
Discussion Techniques
Representation of content is appropriate and links well with students' knowledge and experience. *
All students are cognitively engaged and initiate activities. *
Instructional groups are productive. *
Lesson structure is highly coherent and allows for reflection and closure. *
Providing Feedback
Feedback is consistent and timely. *
Intern successfully makes major adjustments to lessons. *
Intern makes thoughtful and accurate assessment of lesson effectiveness, citing specific examples from the lesson. *
Drawing on extensive skill set, the intern offers specific alternative actions. *
Maintaining Records
Intern's system for maintaining information on student progress is effective. *
Communicating with Families
Efforts to engage families are frequent and successful. *
Contributing to School and District
Support and cooperation characterize relationships with colleagues. *
Intern volunteers to participate in school events, making a substantial contribution. *
Professional Development
Intern seeks opportunities for professional development and action research. *
Intern makes particular effort to challenge negative attitudes and ensures all students are honored. *
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