TAP Evaluation Form


In light of the level of professionalism necessary for an entry-level teacher, please evaluate your aide on how well he/she meets the standards listed below by placing a check mark in the appropriate column.

Rating Definitions

On Target: Student is always or almost always successful with the indicated standard.

Hit & Miss: Student is occasionally successful with the indicated standard - improvement needed.

Off Target: Student has not met this standard.

Teacher Assistant Summative Assessment
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Punctuality (arrival) *
Punctuality (with deadlines) *
Dependability *
Dress/Appearance *
Intellectual curiosity *
Good judgment *
Initiative *
Sense of Humor *
Enthusiasm *
Self confidence *
Relates with students *
Relates with staff *
Follows through with assigned activites *
Appears at ease with students *
Aware of individual differences *
Able to manage individuals, small groups *
Effectively uses instruction materials *
Command of subject matter *
Preparation & teaching of lessons *
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