Czech Republic

Central Europe

Central Europe has been in the crossroads of global business and trade for centuries, and at the center of its economic renewal is the Czech Republic. Witness the growth of its young economy (established in 1993) as it strives to transform for-profit and not-for-profit business in Europe through effective organizational practices and kingdom work. Students will walk the streets lined with gothic architecture, meet Central Europe’s foremost Christian organizational leaders, and witness societal change due to educational, spiritual, social, or economic influences.


$4,000 covers transportation, lodging and cultural excursions with the group. The cost of this trip is not included in BUS-511 course tuition.
Note: Trip costs and itinerary are subject to change at the discretion of PGS.

Scheduled Dates:

September 19-28, 2014
September 18-27, 2015 - Register by March 18, 2015

Students planning to participate in the Czech Republic trip should apply for their passports at least six months prior to their departure date.

Sample Itinerary

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