PGS – Master of Arts in TESOL

Financial Information

2012/2013 Tuition: $410 per credit hour

Program: 33 credit hours

Technology Fee: $35 per class

The University continues to invest many resources in technology for its online programs. The following are included in the technology fee for online students: Web-based Learning Management System, library support, electronic databases, e-mail accounts and technology support.

Educational Resource Fee

$480 (first term), $300 (second term)

The educational resource fee covers the cost of textbooks as well as miscellaneous expenses associated with providing educational resources for students. These costs include curriculum guides and supplemental materials, binders, book bags, copyright fees and sales tax on textbooks and materials. The fee is calculated from an average cost of materials throughout the program and does not reflect the exact cost per course. The PGS division views the direct delivery of all resources to the student as a service that is essential to the success of the program. Therefore, students are not permitted to purchase textbooks by other means. Students who purchase or acquire books by any other means will still be charged the educational resource fee.

Non-Refundable Fees

Application Fee: None

  • Graduation Fee: $50
  • Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until the student’s account is paid in full.
  • Tuition Deposit: $250
  • Late Payment Fee: $20

Campus Housing Fees

2012 Grand Rapids Fees for Residency Days (6 night occupancy)

  • $132.50 (double occupancy)
  • $230.00 (single occupancy)

For More Information

Heidi Enck

Skype: cu4tesol
Phone: 616.254.1650 ext. 1265


For a complete list of courses for the Master of Arts in TESOL, visit the TESOL Program Courses page.

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