Matthews Performing Arts Center

Wood Seminary Building

Matthews Performing Arts Center, located in the Wood Seminary Building, was recently transformed into a premier venue for performing arts, and for enhanced audio production learning opportunities. The $1.7 million renovation provides a beautiful and functional space for concerts, recitals, and theater productions.

The Music Division is focused on preparing biblically and theologically grounded musicians who will use their talents to encourage and inspire the church world-wide as well as impacting the culture at large. The music majors and minors who are currently pursuing their education in specialties like Worship Arts, Contemporary Christian Music, Classical Music Performance, and Composing and Song Writing will graduate prepared for strategic contribution to the church and the world through their gifts and talents.

The renovation included:

  • Aerial clouds and shells on the stage direct music toward the audience 
  • Baffles on both sides of the walls balance the sound
  • Panels in the back of the room can be opened/closed to expand/dampen the sound