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Images for you.

Cornerstone University's Marketing & Communications department is happy to provide stock images & video for your use.

Click on the links below to download .jpeg files covering a wide range of subjects, including the university president, CU's campus, student life, and more.

Please note: before using any official CU images or logos, please refer to the Graphics Standards Guide.

Dr. Joseph Stowell, CU President

Cornerstone's Campus Professional & Graduate Studies 

Head Shot

Downtown Grand Rapids

With CU Students

Gazebo Bell Tower

Miller Library

Campus Walkway


PGS Classroom

PGS Cohort Group 

Undergraduate Student Life  Grand Rapids Theological Seminary   

TUG Classroom

Men's Baseball


Winter Photo

Spring Photo

GRTS Students

Student Preaching 



Video for you.

Preview our stock footage here (password: cumarketing):

Click the link below to access our stock b-roll.

You will be asked to provide a password. Type in "cumarketing" and click the "Download" button to save the .mov file to your computer.

CU Stock Video