Services Included in Your Appointment Fees

  • Phone calls to you and/or family members regarding your condition and/or plan of treatment
  • Phone calls, e-mails or mailings regarding entrance requirements that are required by Cornerstone University by a prescribed due date
  • Patient educational material and medication samples when available
  • Creation of a permanent medical record
  • Review of prior and current X-ray or scan report
  • Any research done by the nurse about your case
  • Preparation and mailing of consultation reports and follow-up visits, letters to referring provider’s office and subsequent consulting
  • Referral to specialists recommended by the Nurse
  • Staff assistance regarding your visit and future follow-up appointments
  • Arranging and coordinating other tests and consultations
  • Calls to and from pharmacies
  • Letters of necessity for required services to third party payers
  • Other required reports and completed forms may include: school, job, sick leave, back to work, communicable diseases, etc
  • Coordinating care with other University departments to assist in your ongoing care and recovery
  • In addition, the nurse participates extensively in continuing medical education, clinical research, teaching and medical writing to keep up- to-date on the latest medical advances available to you