Student Teaching

Student Teaching

All student teaching placements are made within a 50-mile radius of Cornerstone’s campus.

Cooperating Teacher Forms & Information

To request a Student Teacher Assignment for your classroom, fill out our Student Teacher Request Form.

Midterm and Final Student Teacher Evaluation Instructions:

Click on the link below to fill out the midterm and final evaluation form. Once the form has been completed, please print, sign and submit it to the University Supervisor when he/she meets with you. These meetings will occur twice during the term (at midterm and near the end of the practicum) and will serve to assist the University Supervisor in assigning your intern a grade for the internship.

The midterm report should describe the student teaching competencies that have been observed by the cooperating teacher during the first half of the full-time directed teaching experience. The midterm report is used to help identify strengths and weaknesses in the performance areas stated on the enclosed evaluation form. In essence, it should indicate to the student teacher how he or she is doing at this point in time. Please keep in mind that the expected level of performance on the midterm evaluation is to be viewed as having met some expectations since interns have only been in their placements for a limited amount of time. A midterm and final evaluation grade will be determined by the University Supervisor with the Cooperating Teacher's input.

The final student teaching evaluation should describe the directed teaching competencies that have been observed by the Cooperating Teacher and the University Supervisor. The final evaluation should be an accurate portrayal of the student teacher's skill and abilities at the conclusion of the internship. The final evaluation becomes a part of the student’s permanent file. Please feel free to add an additional narrative page to the final evaluation. This additional page can be attached to the final evaluation when it is submitted to the University Supervisor. Please discuss the narrative with the student teacher before submitting it for processing. 

Please keep in mind that our students are at the entry level of the teaching profession and are not finished products. Your summary comments should describe the student teacher’s skills and personal qualities, strengths and areas for continued growth. The completion of directed teaching does not complete the process - it only helps to ensure a successful beginning. We appreciate your endeavors, encouragement, patience, and wisdom. We value your many contributions and are grateful for the opportunity to work with you in the preparation of future teachers. Please feel free to call our office at (616) 222-1432  or email if you have any questions.

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