Study Abroad Testimonials

"I am really enjoying the program here at Handong. I was a bit nervous at first, but after the first week, even the first few days, I already felt somewhat comfortable at the university. They have a great program for International students, and during orientation week we really got to know a lot of people from around the world, including countries such as Japan, China, Mongolia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil, Nepal, Palestine and much more. This aspect of the program is probably my favorite. I love getting to know different cultures and I get that chance a lot as we embrace diversity of cultures here on campus. There have also been a number of holidays that we could take trips to different places around South Korea. Some of the places visited are Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan and others. Transportation is pretty cheap, so it’s easy to get around the country to experience different aspects of Korean culture. Handong has free buses that go back and forth (roughly half an hour) from the university to the main city near Pohang called Yukgori, where there is a lot to do, including restaurants, game places, Norebangs (Karaoke rooms), and Jimjilbangs (bath house/sauna/spa/hot tubs). Regarding classes, I am learning things, but through a different style. The style here in Korea is more of a straight up lecture, and then you take a mid-term and a final exam and that is your grade. There are not many assignments or papers on which to base more of your grade, but the class content still is overall good. There are also some English classes with American professors who teach more like the professors at CU (which I have 2 classes). Overall, this is a great program and I would highly recommend it to students at CU!”
Josh Harlos, Handong Global University Fall '12

“The exchange program at Handong University has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have met tons of amazing people who have impacted my life and become some of the best friends I've ever had… courses are more difficult here than back in the states, but overall I would describe my Handong experience as exciting, challenging, stretching and down-right incredible!”
Jenna Bragenzer, Handong Global University Fall '12