Student Career Services coordinates the placing of interns by providing a listing of opportunities available locally and in other areas of the country.

An internship should be a realistic, practical and planned work and learning experience. Through team effort, the company receives quality student work while the intern experiences career-type work and develops job skills, good work habits and interpersonal skills.

Employers must provide a job description for the internship. The intern creates learning objectives in consultation with a faculty member and the company’s site supervisor based on the job description. Employers should provide opportunities that challenge the intern’s skills and knowledge and use these objectives to evaluate the intern's learning and work performance.

Internships may be full or part-time, paid or voluntary based on the U.S. Dept. of Labor guidelines for internships.

By the time students begin an internship period they must be junior or senior status with acceptable minimum academic standing (2.0 accumulative GPA or higher) with a 2.5 GPA in their major having completed a minimum of 9 credits in their major.

Internships can be taken for up to six credits per internship per semester, and up to 12 credits per semester may be taken with permission of the division chair and head of Career Services on a per case basis. A maximum of 12 internship credits are allowed toward graduation requirements.

One credit hour will be awarded for a minimum of 40 clock hours worked at the internship site.

No more than nine credit hours can be applied toward meeting the academic major requirements, and no more than six credit hours can be counted in meeting minor requirements.

Interns may be required, by the employing organization, to work more clock hours than are required for the credit a student is seeking.

For more information or to find out how to post an internship, contact the Career office at or call 616.222.1433.

Internship Information that will also appear on the Career web page