Familiarize yourself with campus.

At Cornerstone University, everything on campus is oriented around helping students like you achieve your fullest potential. Our academics go beyond classroom learning to ensure you have the tutoring and support to rise above all challenges. Our health and wellness services nurture the sacred worth of our bodies, minds and spirits alike.

  1. Ketcham Building
  2. Faber Hall
  3. Bolthouse Hall
  4. Gordon Hall
  5. Christ Chapel
  6. Verna Miller Center for Student Success
  7. Gainey Conference Center & Dining Commons
  8. Corum Student Union
  1. Quincer Hall
  2. Pickitt Hall
  3. Keithley Hall
  4. Van Osdel Hall
  5. Cook Hall
  6. Wood Seminary Building
  7. Matthews Performing Arts Center
  8. Pirsig/DeBruyn Chapel
  1. Hansen Athletic Center
  2. Miller Library
  3. Welch Administration Building
  4. Daverman Hall
  5. Faculty Office Building
  6. Welch Clock Tower
  7. De Witt Field
  8. Central Hall