Your story matters.

At Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies division, you are more than a degree program.

Each of our graduates has a story. And in every story, each individual has unique personal and professional goals he or she wants to achieve, challenges to overcome and accomplishments worth celebrating.

Cornerstone University's Professional and Graduate Studies (PGS) division has a passion for helping students succeed. Hear PGS alumni share about their journey of pursuing their education and how it has changed their lives.

Shenique White

Headshot of Shenique White

Dedicated to caring for her daughter, Shenique White (B.S. '17) put her dream of going to college on hold. But with the support of her family and her community, she's received her bachelor's degree in management and is equipped for the new opportunities ahead that await her.

"Graduation was like a super high for me," Shenique said. "I felt like everyone in my family walked across the stage that day."

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Ryan Mix

Headshot of Ryan Mix

With a desire to grow in his career, Ryan Mix (M.B.A. '17) dove into the Master of Business Administration program. His pursuit brought a new level of confidence and experience in providing meaning to his work and opportunities to grow.

"I have a lot more confidence that I can use the skills I've acquired and apply them essentially anywhere," Ryan said.

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Alison Harrop

Headshot of Alison Harrop

Alison Harrop (B.S. '16) didn't expect she would return to school to earn a degree. Yet she had a passion for serving women in her community. Now, Alison follows her passion as she leads a women's ministry at her church with the knowledge and experience she's gained through her education; she completed a bachelor's degree in psychology.

"I never really expected to get a degree," Alison said. "So for me, it's huge. I'm proud of myself for achieving it."

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Tingting Liu

Headshot of Tingting Liu

After coming to Christ, Tingting Liu (M.B.A. '19) wanted to continue to learn in an environment that would strengthen her faith. She began her Master of Business Administration to grow in her practical knowledge in business but also in her Christian worldview.

"God should be in every part of my life—not only in my personal life but in my career and future," Tingting said. "No matter what work I do, I want to glorify Him."

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Kacey Spencer

Headshot of Kacey Spencer

As a single mom working in a job that wasn't her dream career, Kacey Spencer (B.S. '12) decided to finish her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree to make a change in her life. Now as an enrollment counselor at Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies, Kacey is able to share her experience and be a testimony to others who may face a similar situation.

"What I love about this program is that it gives people a second chance. This job encompasses everything that I asked God for. I'm really passionate about school and helping other people get back into school. And I can speak from my own experience and tell people what it's really like."

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