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Alison Harrop (B.S. '16)

Alison Harrop (B.S. '16)

Alison Harrop has a passion for helping people and serving those in need. Now, with her degree in psychology, she's equipped with practical knowledge that she exemplifies every day in her work as director of a Christian organization. Through her degree program, she's gained foundational knowledge and experience in being able to help women who are struggling and meet them where they're at. She's also boosted her confidence in leading her team.

Watch the video below to hear Alison describe how the Christ-centered foundation throughout her program enhanced her experience.

Learn to Lead

At the beginning of her program, Alison said she was nervous giving presentations in front of class. But through the encouragement of those around her, she's gained greater confidence in herself and her leadership abilities. Her new presentation skills have been essential as the director of a Christian organization.

"Before, I didn't have very much confidence," she said. "But being here at Cornerstone, I really just took the presentations in stride. So that was a very big thing for me. Now in my work, I have to do a meeting once a month, in front of all my partners. These days, it's part of the job, and I just do it. To have that confidence is huge for me."

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