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Shenique White (B.S. '17)

Shenique White (B.S. '17)

After putting her dream of going to college on hold to take care of her daughter, Shenique White (B.S. '17) returned to school to earn her Bachelor of Science in Management degree. In a family where going to college was not the norm, Shenique and her daughter both graduated with a college degree within weeks of each other. Now, Shenique is equipped to advance her career in leadership and management with the knowledge and experience she's gained through her degree program.

Watch the video below to hear Shenique reflect on her time as a PGS student and the value of her education.

More Than a Degree

Shenique credits much of her success in the program to those who supported her, from family and friends to faculty and staff—and especially her fellow cohort members.

"We supported each other because we realized we were all working full time, had children, had spouses; we had lives," Shenique said.

Crossing the stage on graduation day wasn't just an individual accomplishment. For Shenique, it was a tribute to her family who encouraged and supported her long before and during her educational pursuit.

"Graduation was like a super high for me. I felt like everyone in my family walked across the stage that day," Shenique said.

The coursework and assignments Shenique excelled in equipped her to pursue her professional goals in business and leadership. "I've already been promoted twice," Shenique said. "I didn't wait until I actually got my degree to start using the skills I was learning."

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