Engage, discuss, respond, and transform.

The purpose of the Institute for Christianity and Cultural Engagement (ICCE) is to inspire and equip the Cornerstone University community to more effectively accomplish its mission of preparing students to influence culture both globally and locally.


ICCE seeks to achieve its purpose by:

  • Offering faculty workshops focused on cultural engagement.
  • Bringing exceptional speakers, especially those from outside of North America, to Cornerstone's campus.
  • Supporting cross-cultural opportunities for Cornerstone faculty and students.
  • Encouraging discussion on selected themes through various formats on campus.
  • Sponsoring a yearly essay contest for students.
  • Providing research opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Sponsoring occasional conferences on Cornerstone's campus.
  • Being a resource for the Cornerstone community.

Campus Location

The ICCE suite and director's office are located in the Faculty Office Building.