Imagination rooted in the kingdom.

The Cornerstone University Land Project is a branch of the Institute for Christianity and Cultural Engagement (ICCE) aimed at developing an understanding of land rooted in the Kingdom of God and its vision for flourishing life and restoration. We strive to create a distinctive learning environment committed to helping community members embody a theological understanding of eating, farming, and using land resources.

Our vision is pursued through an onsite garden, a student organization, and weekly community updates about land-related events (food, farming, faith, etc.) happening in or around the Grand Rapids area.

The Garden

The CU Land Project started an onsite garden in the Spring of 2014. The majority of produce grown is prepared by the Food Service Department and served in the CU Dining Commons. We believe that good food comes from good land. Therefore, we keep our soil healthy by amending it with compost, rotating crops, and employing cover crops.

Additionally, we keep the garden free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers as well as avoid the use of GMO seeds or plants. Even more, we agree with Wendell Berry in believing that once too much machinery comes onto the farm (or the garden) people start leaving it. The work at the garden, therefore, is done primarily by hand and with as many people as possible.

The garden currently has around 1200 square feet of growing space composed of biointensive beds where we grow a wide array of vegetable, fruits, and herbs. Along with growing fruits and vegetables, the garden incorporates onsite composting of grass clippings, leaves, and plant debris, as well as exploring water conservation techniques through the use of rain barrels and other watering methods.

Get Involved

This project is open to all community members who desire to learn and participate! Get regular updates on work days, meetings, and events on Facebook.