If the research involves online surveys (e.g. Survey Monkey), see asterisked paragraph below.

If the research does not involve vulnerable subjects (such as children or animals, see branch 7), do the following:

  1. Fill out the Approval Request Form.
  2. Fill out the Informed Consent Form.
  3. Forward the completed forms to the chair of the IRB, as well as a hard copy of any associated questionnaires.

The chair or a member of the IRB will review your application. If acceptable, the consent form will receive a stamp of approval. Only copies of CU-IRB approved consent forms are to be sent to participants, because participants may only sign the form if a stamp of approval is evident. You’re now ready to proceed with the study.

During the approval process, changes to the application may be requested. If request for approval is denied, it will be so only after careful consideration at a full CU-IRB meeting. If the research involves vulnerable subjects or you have other questions, consult the IRB chair. Be aware that such research requires full CU-IRB approval and may also require approval from other IRBs. Be prepared for lengthy delays before such studies eventually receive approval.

*If an online survey is connected with Cornerstone University in any manner, subjects can participate only if the survey has CU-IRB approval. In order to obtain such approval, follow the three steps above. A hard copy of the survey questions must be submitted to the chair. If the survey receives approval, reference to "Cornerstone University-Institutional Review Board approval" must be clearly stated in the explanatory paragraph (intro paragraph) of the survey.