Resourcing a new generation of influencers.

With growing enrollment and strategic opportunities to maximize Cornerstone University's capacity to graduate influencers for Christ, the university continues to expand and add physical facilities that relate directly to the success of its mission. Through CU Influence, you are invited to participate in bringing these projects to fruition, joining with extended members of the university community to:

Partner with CU Influence

CU Influence | Christ Chapel

Christ Chapel will be a 1,475-seat chapel, located just east of the Gainey Conference Center. As a Christ-centered university, it will be a facility that incorporates a highly missional design. The campus venue will draw worshippers to Christ with such a sense of awe, transcendence, inspiration, and intimacy. Christ Chapel will be dedicated on Monday, September 14, 2015, at 10:00 a.m.

Meditations on Light

Artist Peter Brandes designed the windows for Christ Chapel.

CU Influence | Media Studies

Media Studies is a highly specialized field and requires cutting edge industry resources. Your CU Influence contribution will further the development of classroom space, a viewing theater, editing suites, and a cutting edge sound stage that will enable students to produce media products in an appropriately constructed context where creativity can be nurtured and encouraged.

CU Influence | Music Division

Graduates of the Music Division make strategic contributions to local churches throughout the world with their gifts and talents. To adequately support this aspect of the CU mission, CU Influence partners will provide for the construction of new and expanded practice suites, rehearsal space for worship teams and small ensembles, as well as faculty offices and teaching space.

Who can I contact for more information on partnership with CU Influence?

Brian Jackson | Vice President for Development | 616.977.5439

Todd Sytsma | Director of Corporate Relations | 616.446.4371