Every contribution makes a difference.

Your charitable gifts to Cornerstone University allow us to keep our focus on the programs, resources, technology and opportunities that help our students reach for their dreams.  Any gift, large or small, makes a difference!

Endowed Scholarships

Contributions to an endowment are never spent, so Endowed Scholarships remain in perpetuity.  The dollars are invested and only a percentage of the income is used for student financial aid, preserving the fund for both current and future spending needs.

Endowed Scholarships at Cornerstone require a minimum commitment of $10,000, which can be made in a single contribution or a donation over several years.   Donors are encouraged to add to their scholarship(s) even after the minimum has been reached.   By increasing the balance, more and larger awards can be made available to students.

Donors are notified annually of their scholarship balance, student recipients and budgeted allocation.

Endowed Memorial Scholarships

An Endowed Memorial Scholarship can be established in another person’s name.  Establishing a Memorial Scholarship is a fitting way to honor someone close to you or someone who has had an impact on your life.   When established within the Endowed Scholarship requirements (above) such a fund exists in perpetuity, helping students for years to come while keeping alive an enduring memory of the person for whom the fund was named.