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There are several ways we help students untangle struggles they may be facing. First and foremost, our commitment is to listen well so that we accurately understand the problem.


The word "counseling" can be intimidating and prevent people from getting help solving a problem. Sometimes it takes a conversation or two just to figure out what you need. We are here to help you make those decisions. We can often help you solve a problem quickly, point you toward helpful resources and other times, "dig deeper" with you through a series of counseling sessions. In any case, feel free to begin with us so we can help you sort out what you need.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling offers a safe, confidential place to explore personal struggles and concerns. Counselors at The Well are good listeners and personal advocates who are gifted and trained in helping people sort out struggles and find lasting solutions. Counseling at The Well is a collaborative relationship. The counselor and the student work together to determine goals as well as the amount of meetings that will be most helpful.

Couples Counseling

Even good dating relationships are full of risk and uncertainty. Whether students are struggling with serious dating conflicts or simply the normal difficulties of "getting serious" with someone, we're here to talk it through with one or both of you in a way that helps you become more mature and God-dependent in this area of life.

Premarital Counseling

People often find their spouse in college! The path to marriage is not only exciting but can also be uncertain, intimidating and, at times, even conflicting. We offer encouragement and guidance in this area. Several of our counselors are married and are gifted in helping young couples think through the impact of personality, family of origin, spiritual development, gender differences and other important aspects of preparing for life together as husband and wife.

Group Counseling

Often times we are more able to find our way down a difficult path when we realize we are not alone. Students in particular often find the deepest forms of encouragement from other students. At the same time, openly sharing with other students has its risks and, at times, can crash and burn. We offer peer-based groups under the guidance of a counselor who is trained in facilitating group discussions around difficult life issues.


We are continually strengthening our relationships with resources in the greater Grand Rapids area who partner with us in addressing more difficult or long-term counseling and psychiatric needs.

Other Available Services

In addition to Student Counseling Services, The Well provides education and support for students in a variety of settings:

  • Guest Lecturing Our Counselors are often invited by CU faculty to provide lectures on a variety of topics.
  • Introduction to The Well Each semester our Director provides a one-hour lecture to all sections of the Foundations of Wellness course offered by our Kinesiology Department. During this interaction session the purpose of The Well is described and students are encouraged to use it as a personal resource during their time at CU.
  • The WellSpring A student-led group under the guidance of our Director, The WellSpring offers 4-week "Discussion Series." Held throughout the year, students will discuss topics like relationships, dealing with stress, anxiety and stress, and others.
  • Dorm Discussion Groups Our counselors often work with RAs and RDs to facilitate frank discussions on difficult topics like sexuality, anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, family struggles and others. This setting also provides CU students the opportunity to connect with our counselors in a less formal setting than one-on-one counseling.