Dedicated to a Dynamic Approach to Learning.

At PGS, we're dedicated to supporting the health and safety of our community. With resiliency, we're eager to continue welcoming students into a new, dynamic learning environment as they persist in their academic goals. Throughout this season, we've persevered with creativity in developing paths for our students to thrive. Now, through an innovative format of on-campus and livestreamed courses, students are provided options in their academic endeavors.

Health and Safety

Safety measures are set in place to support the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff both in the classroom and around facilities. Cornerstone University staff continue to work closely with medical professionals, state government and other higher education institutions in developing best practices to preserve the health and safety of the community. 

These safety measures include faculty, staff and students maintaining a six-foot distance throughout the building. We ask that students bring their own masks. If a mask is forgotten, a mask will be available free of charge. Masks must be worn inside all buildings on-campus. Campus personnel are trained in using CDC-recommended cleaning agents, equipment and techniques to clean and sanitize the building. Additionally, hand sanitizers and wipes are available throughout each location.

In addition, virus testing will be available to counter the spread of COVID-19 should the situation require. Contact tracing will be used to monitor and report cases to local health officials. PGS on-campus students must complete a required contact tracing form prior to entering the building.

Current Students

Our students have been resilient in continuing their educational goals. Current students who began their program on-campus transitioned into a fully online learning experience in March 2020 due to COVID-19. Our staff and faculty are devoted to equipping students with the resources and support they need to continue to learn, whether on-campus or online. Through regular updates from instructors to virtual meetings with the Center for Student Success to encouragement from their peers, students have persevered with academic success.

PGS anticipates students will be able to return to on-campus classroom learning in August 2020. This timeline is dependent on the Michigan governor's orders and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services guidelines. The classroom set-up will feature both a virtual live stream and in-person component to meet the preferences and needs of students. These options allow for students to continue learning amid exposure or illness, concerns about public settings and if the number of students in the classroom exceeds the allowed capacity.

New Students

With a commitment to lifelong learning, programs at PGS are continuing to launch. We're currently enrolling for online cohorts starting in July and on-campus cohorts starting in August and September. While the on-campus experience may look different than before, PGS is committed to providing an academically excellent learning experience. Students interested in continuing the conversation about their educational journey can connect with their enrollment counselor through a virtual meeting, phone call or an on-campus appointment.

Innovative Approach to Learning

Improvements in technology and acquiring other resources have opened the door to explore alternative methods of instruction such as live streaming. This bi-modal approach, meaning two forms of delivery, invites students to be in the classroom (CU On-site) or engage synchronously (CU Live) from a remote location. Faculty are continuing to engage in training best practices for live video courses that serve both students in the classroom and those participating virtually. These resources include high-definition cameras and audio devices along with state of the art web conferencing software.

Through these methods of instruction, as well as our 100% online (CU Anytime) option, our students are provided opportunities to advance in their education, no matter their circumstances. With a dedication to dynamic, innovative solutions, students are equipped to move forward in their educational goals.

Stay Connected

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Our commitment to providing students a quality education that meets their needs and the current environment inspires innovative methods of instruction and course delivery. Our faculty deliver courses through a variety of methods and tools to provide a learning experience that remains both academically strong and serves students well.