Understand the Cornerstone brand.

Cornerstone University’s visual identity reflects the qualities that make the university distinctive, and convey our brand to the world. Our commitment to build lives that matter by providing an environment that is academically excellent, culturally diverse and Christ-centered, is underscored in a meaningful way when people see Cornerstone University’s visual identity elements and colors. It is essential that the visual elements representing Cornerstone University and its image do so consistently and with integrity.

Research shows a visual identity used consistently over time paves the way to an enhanced image, instant recognition and higher recall among prospective students. Cornerstone University’s brand identity standards address the university’s primary identity elements – name, logo, font and color. By following these guidelines, we build not only consistency, but protect our most valuable asset – the Cornerstone University name. All university departments and university-sanctioned organizations should use CU’s visual identity elements for formal and informal communications, advertising, and promotional purposes in accordance with guidelines set by the marketing and communications office.

The Cornerstone University marketing and communications office is responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of the logo, seal and other marks on all university publications (electronic or print), supplies, materials and equipment. The following brand guidelines are designed to aid you in the use of the elements that are integral to the Cornerstone University identity. The philosophy behind the creation of this identity is to bring clarity to a category that is complicated, technical and often misunderstood. Its success will largely depend upon its proper and consistent use in the development of university materials.

Please contact the CU marketing office with any questions pertaining to the university brand.

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“Secondary Brand Identifiers” refer to the branches of Cornerstone’s community whose target audience is a unique segment of the core brand’s target audience. These logos serve as secondary identifiers of our brand. Use of these logos on marketing materials does not require the additional use of the Cornerstone University logo. The vertical format of all sub-brand logos must be used whenever possible. All logos should always be used in their original approved form(s).


Blue and gold are the primary colors for Cornerstone University’s brand identity. These colors should figure primarily in all branding publications for the university. Every attempt should be made to match these colors as closely as possible. For questions of acceptability, please contact the marketing and communications office.


CU Colors


Dark Blue

  • Pantone Matching System: PMS 2767
  • Four color process: C-100, M-78, Y-0, K-54
  • RGB: 0-36-93
  • Web: #162b48
  • “Navy” is acceptable for use on apparel


  • Pantone Matching System: PMS 8960
  • Non-metallic alternative: PMS 1245 (restricted use)
  • Four color process: C-0, M-42, Y-100, K-29
  • RGB: 204-153-51
  • Web: #CC9933
  • “Vegas Gold” is acceptable for use on apparel


At Cornerstone University we believe that you are a life that matters. Our goal is to help you build on the foundation you have in Christ so that you can reach your highest potential.

  • Brand Name: Cornerstone University (includes traditional undergraduate programs, Cornerstone University Radio (WCSG, WCFG, MNN), Professional & Graduate Studies program, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Asia Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Brand Persona: Followers of Jesus
  • Brand Idea: A Life That Matters
  • Brand Tagline: Build A Life That Matters

Key talking points:  

  • Jesus Matters: Cornerstone University values a spiritually contagious environment. As followers of Jesus, our staff, faculty and students are committed to creating an environment where students can thrive in their personal relationship with God. This is the foundation we believe matters most.
  • Academics Matter: Cornerstone University values academic excellence in its programs and activities.. We offer a student-focused learning community that values excellence in education. Our outstanding students, faculty and staff are equipped to excel in their fields of study and be influencers for Christ in a variety of vocations.
  • Resources Matter: Cornerstone University values an environment that is richly resourced. We are committed to providing an education and campus rich in resources both for our students, staff and faculty and for the West Michigan and global communities we influence.
  • Community Matters: Cornerstone University values cultural diversity in our environment, activities and programs.. We seek to provide cultural awareness in all of our programs to instill in our students a passion for global influence and cultural engagement.
  • Our Identity: Who we are – Cornerstone is a Christ-centered university with a passion for global influence through the transforming power of the gospel.
  • Our Mission: Why we exist – We exist to empower men and women to excel as influencers in our world for Christ by offering a student-focused learning community where Jesus Christ is central.
  • Our Vision: What we aspire to – We aspire to create a thriving community of fully devoted followers of Jesus in a spiritually contagious, academically excellent, richly resourced and culturally diverse learning environment that attracts outstanding students, faculty and staff who influence our world for Christ, his church and his kingdom.


This is the official mark of Cornerstone University:

CU Logo 

The Cornerstone University logo is used for all areas of the university when communicating to internal or external audiences.


Institutional Mark


Proper usage of all Cornerstone University brand logos is essential to the brand. The vertical format of all logos must be used whenever possible.

The following are common misuses of the brand identity and must be avoided:

  • Dropping the words "University," "Theological Seminary," "Professional & Graduate Studies" or  "University Radio"
  • Using the cube symbol as a stand alone element
  • Using the Cornerstone University, GRTS, PGS or Golden Eagle signatures as stand alone elements
  • Altering the cube in any way
  • Varying from the official color scheme
  • Dropping the registered mark
  • Using the logo within text
  • Condensing, expanding or distorting logos beyond their original proportions
  • Recreating the artwork, letter forms, spacing or styling
  • Rearranging the elements in the logo in any way
  • Applying texture or screen tints to the logo
  • Placing the logo on a background that impedes its readability
  • Mixing elements of the various official logos (i.e., replacing the cube with the golden eagle, etc.)
  • Using a scan or other poor quality reproduction

Clear Space:

To ensure visibility and to distinguish our logo from other elements of a document, please leave a clear space of at least 1/8” surrounding the logo.

Institutional Mark Clear Space


The Cornerstone University logo should be used at a size that is legible, significant and appropriate for the size of the marketing material being produced. Legibility suffers if the logo is reproduced too small. Therefore, the Cornerstone University logo should be no smaller than 1.125” wide.


Institutional Mark Size

Please contact the marketing and communications office for assistance when the logo may need to be used smaller than the indicated minimum size.



Cornerstone University’s official colors are dark blue and gold and must be utilized whenever possible. The only acceptable color variations of the CU logo are as follows:

Institutional Mark Variations

Use of the Logo on Colored Backgrounds

The combination of certain background colors with the Cornerstone logo can render the logo illegible. The background color must contrast with the logo elements in order to have impact

Downloadable files

CU Graphic Standards Quick Reference Guide

Cornerstone University logos:

Two color logo

One color, blue

One color, black


Spirit marks are for use by Cornerstone University athletics when communicating with either internal or external audiences and by groups or organizations within the university to use strictly for spirit applications.

The Cornerstone University athletics logo is used for use when communicating to athletic audiences. These logos should only be used in conjunction with the official Cornerstone University logo or at the discretion of the marketing and communications office. 

CU Athletic        Spirit Logo