Hospitality matters.

by Cindy Wiltheiss (A.S. '07), Director of Food Service

I am excited to introduce to you our Food Service Department at Cornerstone University. The staff is made up of ten full time employees who have all been here from 5 to 30 years, all who feel privileged to work closely with our over 100 student employees each school year and the CU community overall.

Who we Are

We love collaborating with other departments, such as the Music Division or Student Development, to host annual events such as our Thanksgiving Dinner, Western Theme Dinner and tailgates at sporting events. With our daily menu made from scratch, we offer a variety of entrees, homemade pizzas, toasted sandwiches and fresh soups along with our extensive salad and yogurt bar.

Our Philosophy

Food Service strives to reach the CU community under the auspices of the Cornerstone University Virtue Project, melding the art of service, love and hospitality into our daily service. For us, this starts by on offering a welcoming environment to all of our students, their families, and guests. We encourage staff and students to meet in our Dining Commons or at the Golden Eagle Café in the Corum Student Union, to mingle, share a meal or just to sit and visit.

Allergies and Accommodations

We are passionate about our students and work diligently to meet the dietary needs of all! We always try to provide gluten-free (GF), vegetarian and dairy-free alternatives to the daily menu. We offer soy milk as the dairy alternate, and while we have reduced common allergens in many items, we encourage all students to contact the chefs about items pertaining peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat and any other items they have allergies too. The Deli and Pizzeria both offer GF breads and crusts, and can fill special orders with these items given advance notice. The Café can also provide GF sandwiches with 24 hours notice and stocks soy milk as the dairy free alternate for beverages.

We believe food should be shared in community and want to ensure everyone has open access to this opportunity, which is why we properly adhere to doctor's orders and specifications. In partnership with our university Accommodations Review Committee, we have set up weekly menu requests from such students and have created an environment free of airborne contaminations in the cooking process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, I'm here for you and would love to share more information about the role of Food Service at Cornerstone.

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