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By what date does my student's bill need to be paid?
Student Financial Services has requested that all student bills be paid by the first day of classes, or if that isn't possible then to have a payment plan set up through their office. Students whose bill is not paid by then will begin receiving notifications and may be fined monthly until their bill is paid off unless a payment plan is in place.

Payment Deadlines

How often should I check up on my student?
In general, it is best not to check up on your student excessively over the course of the first few months that he is away. Your student needs that time to build relationships, form a foundation for the coming years, and get a handle on classes while beginning to develop some independence from his family. This process is healthy, natural, and (can be) painful but is ultimately beneficial for both the parent and student. If you live nearby, don't let him come home every weekend. Allow your student to flourish where he is.

How do I check up on my student's grades, student bills, fines, etc.?
In order for any parent to be given information on their student, the student must sign an information release waiver. Cornerstone is legally obligated to keep all student records confidential, extending to the parents as well, unless the waiver is signed.

What is FERPA and what does it have to do with me?
FERPA stands for "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act" and is a legal amendment which limits what student information may or may not be disclosed to someone who is not that student. By law, Cornerstone University may only disclose directory information, which includes: name, address, email address, phone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized sports, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received. Any other information can only be released to you if your student has signed an information waiver. These information waivers can be found at Student Financial Services (for financial waivers) and the Office of the Registrar (for academic waivers).

What would be the best way to encourage my student?
If there's one thing that's true about college students, it's that they like receiving mail! A great handwritten note, a box with a few favorite goodies, or a few dollars in the mail would be received with open arms. Letting your student know that you are thinking of them is always appreciated.

What is available for the spiritual development of my student?
We are dedicated to producing spiritually mature disciples at Cornerstone. Each student is required to attend a minimum of 25 chapel services per semester, roughly half of the total number of services available. We also have a strong mentorship program, Sojourners, which is facilitated through Student Development, along with a number of Bible studies that are both student and faculty led. Each class is taught from a Christian worldview as our professors frequently engage Christianity and its implications with their subject matter.

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As a parent of a college student, there may be things you'd like to be aware of about your child's life that they just haven't gotten around to sharing. We've compiled a list of websites that might help shed some light on life at CU:

  • — All of the information that you might want about our Terra Firma program.
  • — This is our student activities website where you can keep up with what's going on while your student is on campus.