Introductions matter.

Have you ever wondered what college life is really like? Want to hear from actual students before you choose a university? That's what CU Ambassadors are all about. We have chosen a few real Cornerstone students to connect us and you. After all, they tell the story best.

They have shared a bit about themselves and their time at CU so far, and would love to be available to give you a better idea of what Cornerstone University is all about. So read about them, email them, ask them lots of questions...and schedule a campus visit!


Sophomore Finance Major and Soccer All-Star.

"I had prayed about this huge college decision for so long, and I felt so much peace when I  thought about Cornerstone. Without a doubt, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than right here! I know this is where God wants me."

Hometown: Stevensville, Michigan

Major: Finance
"My dream is to pursue an MBA and move into the field of financial advising, eventually running and operating my own firm."

Advice for Future Students: "College is about reaching out  and really learning about yourself. Make friends, never burn bridges, and always be willing to work hard now so you can relax later!"

#WhatMattersCU: "I love the people here; the professors, coaches, and even the president himself want to be involved in your life and help you reach your goals. It's so refreshing to have a community  that genuinely cares and wants you to succeed."

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World Traveler and Documentary Filmmaker.

"My favorite part about CU are the professors. I have such tight-knit relationships with each of them; I know they not only have my best interest in mind for my education but also for my walk as a Christian. Their doors are always open, and I know I can always count on them."

Hometown: Sturgis, Michigan

Major: Film & Video Production
"During my junior year of high school, I saw a documentary on human trafficking in Zambia and knew then that was what I wanted to do with my life. The summer before my senior year, I ended up meeting the man who created that documentary and I now work for him as an employee. God is good."

Career Aspirations: "Post graduation, I would love to start my own production company that specializes in documentaries and corporate promotional pieces for organizations around the world."

#WhatMattersCU: "Don't overload yourself. Stay rooted in Christ. Be radical. Serve others. Stay humble."

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Evensong leader and student activities enthusiast.

"Community life at Cornerstone is vibrant. If you like inspiring, energetic and Christ-centered community, Cornerstone will be a good fit for you."

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Major: Worship Arts
"I chose Worship Arts because I'm passionate about ministry. Music is the vehicle the Lord has given me to serve and encourage His people. The ride has been incredible!"

Favorite Spot in Grand Rapids: Global Infusion
"However, Pickerel Lake in the Townsend Park is a really close second!"

#WhatMattersCU: "God has been teaching me about waiting and being patient. It's something I struggle with, but He's had me in a season of waiting for so many things. What a beautiful season is has been, because as I've been still, He's been moving and I'm more aware of it. It's true! Those who wait for the Lord will renew their strength!"

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Junior Ministry Major and Worship Leader.

"Community life provides an opportunity for you to invest in friends and allow them to invest in you."

Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

Majors: BibleCreativity
"I am hoping to be involved in a church at a pastoral level. I see the value of the church in a community and I would love to one day become a senior pastor and serve Christ as I lead a congregation towards Him."

Advice for Future Students: "Get to know your professors. Have lunch with them, let them help you plan your schedule and get to know them. They have a wealth of knowledge and they are here because they love students. Not only will they be your professors, but they could also become close friends and mentors."

#WhatMattersCU: "God taught me that following after him is a lifestyle. It doesn't happen on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night, but it happens when we live in community with other believers and strive to know Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to lead our lives in every situation."

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Coffee Lover and Terra Firma Servant.

"My career aspirations are to teach in an urban setting where I can make a positive impact on the lives of my students and the community. I find great joy in watching others succeed and hope to help my students find success in and out of the classroom. My hope is teach to Spanish speakers either in an urban setting or overseas."

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Major: Elementary Education
"I chose to major in Elementary Education and minor in Spanish my first semester of college because I want to make an impact on the next generation. I have a passion for helping students and through teaching I hope to make a positive impact on my students' lives."

Notable Professor: "My favorite professor is Professor Cynthia Beach. She really made an effort to get to know me as a student and took a genuine interest in what was going on both in and out of the classroom. She also helped me grow as a writer by helping me find my strengths and weaknesses. It was clear that she had a true passion for teaching and a heart for Christ that spilled over into her classroom."

#WhatMattersCU: "I chose Cornerstone because I feel in love with the community. I remember sitting in Chapel as a prospective student and having my overnight hosts come sit with me. They made me feel welcomed and showed me how Christ-centered Cornerstone is. My final decision was made in the Spring once my financial package came. I knew Cornerstone was where I wanted to be and it happened to have the best financial package which is when I chose Cornerstone!"

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International Student and Relationship Builder.

"Chapel is my favorite part of CU because it provides wonderful unique times of worship and prayer as well as insightful internal and external speakers."

Home Country: Guatemala

Major: Social Work
"In 2012, I attended Grand Rapids Christian High School. This school is one of the reasons why I came to Cornerstone University.

While attending Grand Rapids Christian High School, I embarked on a journey of self-examination. I wanted to reconcile my calling to be a Christ-follower and my calling to be a social justice advocate, particularly for children and women who have been trafficked in my country. I quickly realized that I wanted to become a social worker and understand, empower and develop lives and broken areas in third world countries.

I began searching for Christian colleges that would equip my spiritual life and prepare me to do God's work here on earth. I wanted to move to a warmer state but I still came up with a list of colleges that I wanted to visit in Michigan.

The first campus that I visited was Cornerstone University.  Fortunately, I stopped searching for other schools when I noticed great things about Cornerstone; the location of the campus, the proximity to classes, the Christ-Centered community and the genuine relationships that are established between professors and students definitely made me choose Cornerstone.

I am now a Senior and I am proud to say that I don't regret choosing Cornerstone University, for making it my home away from home and for declaring Social Work as my major."

Initial Impression of CU: "I graduated from a high quality, faith-based high school in Grand Rapids, and I wanted to attend a college that would have the same environment. It didn't take me too long to find CU and fall in love with chapel. I remember visiting CU for the first time in March 2012. I absolutely loved that the education was based on a  solid faith foundation. Also, I loved the size of the campus; it was just the right size for professors to get to know all of their students on a closer level."

#WhatMattersCU: "Community at CU is truly important. College here is more than just an academic experience. CU provides practical settings for students to actively engage their faith within the local and global community from service projects to mission trips, internships and other opportunities that encourage students to improve their creativity and compassion for serving the Lord."

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Storyteller and soccer fan.

"I loved the Christian community when I visited and the soccer team was really welcoming. I also really liked the Night of Nets initiative. I made my decision after a soccer recruit camp at another school. I remember emailing the soccer coach saying I was all in for CU and texting my admissions rep as soon as I made my decision."

Hometown: Wayland, Michigan

Major: English Education
"During high school, I had a lot of great teachers who really impacted my life. I want to have the same impact and be that role model that kids need. As far as subject areas, I just like English more than the other subjects."

Favorite Part of Cornerstone: "My favorite part of CU has to be either the staff, the Christian atmosphere, or the school spirit."

#WhatMattersCU: "Community life at CU is diverse! There are so many people from all over and it's awesome hearing everyone's stories."

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Championship athlete and future educator.

"The best part about CU is that it is Christ-centered, has great professors, and gave me amazing relationships with friends."

Hometown: Zeeland, Michigan

Major: Elementary Education
"I always knew God gave me the gift of teaching, but I did not know what I was going to teach for a long time. My mom is a second-grade teacher and she had a big influence on my life as well. I decided on Elementary Education my senior year of high school."

Why CU: "I was between two schools for a long time. I wanted to play basketball and I could at both schools. But I just felt more of a family feel at Cornerstone. After I made the final decision I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders."

#WhatMattersCU: "God has taught me that I have to be patient and need to wait for different things in my life and that grace is so important."

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Senior Transfer Student and Psychology Whiz.

"God taught me how to get out of my comfort zone, and I'm actually still working on this lesson! I chose CU because from the minute I stepped on campus it felt like home. It was a place I could see myself succeeding at and there are so many opportunities here."

Hometown: Whitehall, Michigan

Major: Psychology/Family Studies
"I wanted to go into psychology because I had a passion for understanding human behavior and our mental processes and the fact that I could relate my interest for this subject to helping others is the reason I went into the program."

How to Make College Affordable: "I pay for my education on my own and I was able to get enough financial aid and scholarships to make college more affordable. Cornerstone really works hard to make college affordable!"

#WhatMattersCU: "College is a really great time to grow closer to God. In fact, your college years are the time you really start to develop the kind of person you're going to be. This is where you are going to make great friendships and really start to develop your future."

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Exercise Science major and all-around leader.

"I was initially drawn to CU because of the Christian atmosphere and the location of the school in Grand Rapids. Once I visited, I was in love with the atmosphere and the way that the students and faculty approach things in a loving, passionate way."

Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan

Major: Exercise Science
"I chose Exercise Science because I have always been interested in sports, nutrition, and how the body works. I just recently chose Psychology as a minor as well and am very excited to see what is in store!"

Advice for Future Students: "I would say just go and make the best of your time here! Get to know people, show love, work hard, and live every day to the fullest."

#WhatMattersCU: "I just really enjoy the genuine, loving atmosphere that I feel here with fellow students and staff. I have been able to create a ton of meaningful relationships here.You will find people that will build into you and challenge you in your faith. It's a lot of fun!"

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Student Body President and Management Major.

"I enjoy staying active, playing a round of golf with some friends, reading a good book, trying new food, exploring cities, and of course drinking coffee."

Hometown: Howard City, Michigan

Major: Business Management
"I chose economics and business administration because I am fascinated with economic theories, the philosophy of many economists, and most areas of business. I declared my majors in my sophomore year."

Career Aspirations: "Starting and running my own business has always been a dream of mine. I hope to use the knowledge and experiences that I gain from Cornerstone to enter the workforce with confidence and a passion to impact the world for Christ through the inner workings of a business."

#WhatMattersCU: "Most definitely the opportunity that Cornerstone offers to make life long friends through the close-knit community and God centered campus."

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Musician and Future Therapist.

"I liked that Terra Firma kind of gives you a mini family to get you through the first year. Those are the people you befriend and tend to stick with all four years and beyond. Not only do you serve together, but you grow together."

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Major: Business Management
"I declared my major my freshman year at CU. I chose Business Management because I've always been interested in how management works and what it entails. I also feel it'd be useful in starting up my own business in the years after I graduate."

Free Time Rhythm: "I enjoy writing songs and poems, reading, listening to music (and singing), going for a run, spending time with friends, and trying new things."

#WhatMattersCU: "God definitely taught me that it's okay to slow down. I am the kind of person that constantly feels the need to be on the move and get things done. Last semester was when I really had to learn that lesson the hard way, and it's something I still try to improve on. Yes, it's good to get things accomplished, but not to the point where you're sacrificing everything else for the sake of achievement."

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