Shakespeare depicts a rough world where everyone is out for themselves – scheming, deceiving and hiding beneath disguises. Forced to marry a brash young gold-digger so that her sweeter younger sister may marry for love, the temperamental Katherine proves to be more than Petruchio bargained for. "The Taming of the Shrew" is a hilarious and subtle tale of determination: two absurdly stubborn and whip-smart people lock horns because they are both bent on achieving satisfaction on their own terms.

Directors and Cast

  • Guest Director: Pat Cook
  • Co-Director: Jerry Morrison
  • Co-Director: Jennifer Hunter
  • Petruchio: Nate Reynolds (B.A. '10)
  • Lucentio: Mike Hull (B.A. '11)
  • Hortensio: Conner Brogan
  • Tranio: Zachariah Groat
  • Tailor & Haberdasher: Matt Praschan
  • Baptista: Patrick Hendren
  • Bianca: Paige Bourne
  • Two Servants:
    • Juliana Scholtens
    • Anna Van Hoff
  • Gremio: Steve Rodenburg (B.A. '03; M.Div. '07)
  • Cook: Emily Scoles
  • Two Female Crowd Women:
    • Charlene Sommer
    • Melissa Feddes
  • Grumio: Buddy Haskill (B.A. '05)
  • Biondello: Karissa Bedford
  • Widow: Susanna Stichter
  • Curtis: Nick Rader
  • Marjorie: Emily Meier
  • Vincentio: Andrew Manion (B.A. '11)
  • Kate: Joy Besley

Production Photos