The story of Israel's favorite son.

A narrator speaking to a group of children, tells the story of young dreamer Joseph. Born into a family of twelve boys, Joseph is the favorite of his father, Jacob, and is given a splendid multi-colored coat. However, this coat, along with Joseph's talk of dreams he has had showing he will be the ruler of his brothers, arouse the jealousy of the other eleven, leading to a series of events ultimately placing Joseph in position to rescue his people from hardship.

This family-friendly show, presented in collaboration with stageGR, is set to a multitude of musical genres, spanning from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock and roll.


Join us for our fall 2017 musical production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Tickets cost $15.

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Production Staff

  • Producers: Caroline Cahoon* and Daniel Morgan*
  • Director: Ella Morgan*
  • Music Director: Bethany Schutter*
  • Vocal Coach: Mark Jackson
  • Piano Intern: Jared Brusca*
  • Choreographer: Torrey Thomas
  • Stage Manager: Elizabeth Okma*
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Lizzie Young
  • Technical Director: Eugene Griffith


  • Joseph: Mark Jackson
  • Pharaoh: Travis Atkinson
  • Potiphar: Samuel Tillema
  • Butler: Michael Davis Arnold*
  • Narrator: Bethany Schutter*
  • Jacob: Rod Zamarron
  • Potiphar's Wife: Audrey Moore*
  • Baker: Audrey Wierenga*


  • Reuben: Robin Paredez**
  • Levi: Patrick Fuller**
  • Issachar: Mark Stoll*
  • Dan: Daniel Morgan*
  • Gad: Nikolas Yonker**
  • Judah: Gavin O'Meara
  • Simeon: Steve Bennett
  • Naphtali: James Quatrine
  • Asher: Craig Young
  • Zebulun: Noah King-Bates
  • Benjamin: Lucas Story**


  • Trisha Bond*
  • Victoria Larson
  • Lucy Michael
  • Elizabeth Paredez
  • Anna Swanson*
  • Audrey Wierenga*
  • Emily Bosker
  • Maria Leigh
  • Caitlin Moody*
  • Anna Peerbolt
  • Jaclyn VerHulst


  • Josh Bennett
  • Bram Groat*
  • Gabriel Perez
  • Elise Goldberg
  • Erin McDonald
  • Michael Davis Arnold*
  • Jeremy Meyers
  • Sam Tillema
  • Maeve Kuhn
  • Audrey Moore*

Children's Chorus

  • Elizabeth Atkinson
  • Claudia Duimstra
  • Miriam Dykstra
  • Quinn Kozakiewicz
  • Clare Michael
  • Chloe Morgan
  • Tatum Brancheau-Postma
  • Ruby Duimstra
  • Alyssa Ellison
  • Skylar Mayton
  • Felicity Michael
  • Sadie Morgan

*Indicates CU alumni or current student.
**Indicates featured soloist.

Crew and Technical Positions

We are looking for volunteers to fill all behind-the-scenes roles for this production. No matter your level of experience, we have a place for you! Commitment levels vary by position.

Contact Caroline Cahoon for more information on how you can get involved behind the scenes.

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