What matters to Cornerstone University.

You matter. Your story matters. You are so important to Him and building His Kingdom. That is why, at CU, we focus on global influence, academic rigor, values, leadership, virtues and disciplines that matter.

  • Jesus matters. Envision an environment where you can grow in your relationship with Christ and serve members of the global church, receiving support from faculty, staff and peers.
  • Academics matter. Prepare to enter your field with a firm grasp on the interconnectedness of vocation, self-knowledge and purpose, advancing in our student-focused learning community.
  • Resources matter. Cultivate your leadership skills in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, an urban location recognized for entrepreneurship, history, creativity and faith.
  • Community matters. Consider having cultural awareness components embedded in your course work, graduating with a rich perspective and understanding of cultural engagement.

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The CU Edge

Here, you'll build a life that matters. And graduate with a competitive edge forged by five distinctive elements of a CU education: LifePath, the Cornerstone Virtue Project, Terra Firma, Relational Learning and Grand Rapids.

The Cornerstone Virtue Project

As an interdenominational, unwaveringly Christ-centered university, our commitment to preparing followers of Christ is basic to all we do. Our unique, comprehensive Cornerstone Virtue Project integrates every part of the campus experience—from academics to athletics—to nurture nine key virtues of a Christ-follower. In addition, Christ Chapel embodies our commitment to Christ by housing our vibrant chapel program and serving as a lab for our thriving Worship Arts program.


Success in college and in life depends on making good choices. Our Center for Career and Life Calling and unique LifePath approach equip you to understand your distinctive qualities and make the right choice of major, paving the way to uncovering your God-given purpose in life.

Relational Learning at CU

Whether it's having lunch with a professor in the Dining Commons or experiencing a faculty-led trip to Ireland, education at Cornerstone is both rigorous and relational. According to our nationally-normed course evaluations conducted each semester, instructional effectiveness at Cornerstone is rated as "unusually high" among our peers. Online summer courses at a discounted tuition rate enable you to graduate ahead of schedule and select degree tracks offer a three year program plan, allowing you to reduce the cost of your tuition and invest in your career one year ahead of schedule.

Terra Firma

At CU, we are committed to "life together." Your immersion into our community begins with Terra Firma, our year-long program that places each first-year student in a cohort of twelve fellow students led by a faculty or staff mentor. That sense of community is enhanced and reinforced by the privilege of living together in a four-year residential setting.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cornerstone's home city, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is rated as one of the top small cities in America and offers a vibrant urban setting for professional experiences. Downtown Grand Rapids, located just ten minutes from campus, is a major artistic and cultural hub and offers prime internship, networking and career opportunities.

Introduce Yourself

Our professors are distinguished not just by their academic credentials but their commitment to invest in the lives of students. Visit campus to meet our faculty and experience the Cornerstone Edge first-hand! 

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