Self-Study Process

In conducting an evaluation of the university, the following items constituted the formal charge which guided the self-study process. The Cornerstone University community worked for two years in the evaluation of its practices and processes and moved forward following the contours of the “Accreditation Plan” submitted to the HLC for early review.

Specifically, the following goals guided this organizational evaluation:

  • To render a just and accurate evaluation of the condition of the university to the Higher Learning Commission in light of the five accreditation Criteria and four Themes of high-functioning organizations of higher education.
  • To invite the professionals employed by the university to appraise the organization, to reach conclusions about its strengths and weaknesses, and to show the institutional will and resolve to know what to do in order to improve the organization’s processes and behaviors as it meets the needs of its stakeholders.
  • To provide the university community with an evaluation of itself with the aspiration of internal ownership of the findings.
  • To allow the reaccreditation process to guide organizational development and provide a scheme for overall maturation as well as a set of specific “next steps” for the university.
  • To assist in the transition of the university to the Pathways accreditation system.

The campus-wide introspection fostered by this reaccreditation self-study is becoming a part of the campus ethos and organizational expectations. With the advent of the new accrediting process, this review will serve the university well as it moves into the future.

Self-Study Report 

November 2011

Click on the file below to view and download the HLC Self Study Report for Cornerstone University:

Cornerstone University Self Study (234 page report)
Cornerstone University Self Study Executive Summary (20 page summary report)