From small businesses and Forbes 500 companies to classrooms and small groups, there always seems to be a leader. Whether that leadership is just one teacher or a cabinet of decision-makers, organizations and groups of people are often led most effectively when there is an effective team of management who are guiding, supporting and empowering the team.

Leadership and management may not be for everyone. While many can serve in leadership roles, such as a parent, small group facilitator and mentor, the field of management takes on a heightened focus of leading an organization toward success.

When it comes to determining if organizational management is a field you are inspired to enter, it’s helpful to know what you are getting yourself into as you dive into a program.

Among several benefits, a degree in organizational management taps into a wide range of topics that make it an easily-applicable program you can use wherever you desire to work and have influence. Here, we share five things you should know in determining if a degree in management is right for you and how it can fuel your journey to career success.

1. Be Equipped With a Broad Range of Practical Knowledge

When you think of the position of “management,” what comes to mind? Maybe you associate it with words like leadership, direction, supervising and others.

It’s clear the field of management is broad. But the skills you need as a small business owner or a first shift team lead or an employee working to make a difference in her community can be quite similar. You’ll be able to enhance, develop and grow those skills in a bachelor’s in management program.

In this leadership-focused degree program, you’ll engage in courses that allow you to grow in both your business knowledge and soft skills that can be applied wherever life takes you.

What differentiates a management program from another business program, such as business administration, is the emphasis on theories, concepts and frameworks in management and leadership that can be easily applied in various situations. You’ll focus in on practices relating to positions in administration and human services in relating to people.

For example, in a business ethics course, you’ll engage in curriculum that encourages you to consider tough decision-making situations often found in a business setting, with topics such as organizational behavior or business technology. You’ll be able to use that experience to make decisions in your own work environment to allow others to succeed.

In addition to business knowledge, you’ll also grow in soft skills that are vital for your work, home, school, church and any other environments in which you desire to thrive, such as in negotiations and global perspectives.

Whether you’re set on becoming the next CEO at your company or have a desire to be better equipped to lead your team of staff to be better productive, the broad range of management topics in a bachelor’s in management program can set you up for success.

Is It for You? Consider These Questions

  • Do topics related to personnel in an organizational setting intrigue me?
  • Am I interested in understanding how technology influences the business environment and how leadership can utilize those tools to promote success?
  • Am I interested in how I can become an effective leader through negotiations and conflict resolution?

2. Understand Your Leadership Style

Think of any manager, supervisor, teacher or leader you’ve had. Each of them has a leadership style.

Not everyone leads the same way. Some leaders are very hands-on and feel they need to dictate every aspect of a project or employee’s performance. Other managers may be very minimally involved, allowing team members freedom with limited assistance. Still others may be involved in the operations and make decisions based on the experiences and attitudes of the rest of the team.

Which type of leader do you think you are?

While each type of leadership style has its advantages and disadvantages, first knowing your unique style can help you thrive as an effective manager and leader of your team.

According to an article from by Stephanie Raines, knowing your leadership style can help you in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to understand and develop your communication skills to benefit your team, identify your ideal work environment so you can thrive, be prepared in handling workplace conflicts and build upon your strengths to make your team the best it can be.

A degree in management provides you the opportunity to enhance your style to suit your team. Through courses like self-management in business and organizational strategic management, you can discover your path to becoming a leader that allows for positive change and continued growth.

Is It for You? Consider These Questions

  • Am I interested in discovering and developing my unique leadership style?
  • Am I open to learning more about how I could alter or enhance that style?
  • Do I desire to be the best and most effective leader I can be?

3. Make a Difference at Your Organization

Like most of the business field, occupations within the management field are in demand and are expected to continue to grow. Organizations need good leaders.

Have you ever experienced a manager who didn’t allow you to thrive or prevented you from achieving your goals in your work? As you step into a leadership role, you can be the one to make a difference.

A manager has an incredible amount of influence in the organizational culture. He or she may be the reason employees love coming to work or dread that alarm clock. In developing an understanding of what it means to be an effective leader, you can be an influencer not only as you chase your own career goals, but you can also inspire others to be their best as well.

Organizations need good managers. A bachelor’s degree in management can help you get there in gaining the knowledge, skills and experience in leading and supporting your team well.

Is It for You? Consider These Questions

  • Am I passionate about empowering others to succeed?
  • Do I desire to be an influencer and a difference-maker in my work and in my teams?
  • Am I a people-person who loves consistent interactions with my team?

4. Be Equipped for a Variety of Careers

With the range of topics addressed in a bachelor’s in management degree program, you’ll be well equipped for a plethora of career opportunities that can take you to where you want to go.

With practical application of the curriculum in this degree program, you’ll be prepared to take on careers and jobs positions as an:

  • Entrepreneur.
  • Financial manager.
  • Human resource manager.
  • Marketing manager.
  • Office manager.
  • Operations manager.
  • Sales manager.
  • Sales representative.
  • Small business manager.

Whether you’re interested in working for a large organization or a small nonprofit, a bachelor’s in management can prepare you for your career of choice.

Is It for You? Consider These Questions

  • Am I interested in a career field that allows me to grow in my leadership potential?
  • Do several career opportunities interest me?
  • Do I desire to pursue a career in a leadership role to influence others?

5. Succeed as a Leader

It’s often easy to tell a difference between a good leader and a bad leader. A good leader listens to the team, takes their input and leads the organization to thrive. A bad leader lacks care and attention for the rest of the team.

An article from MastercardBiz notes several skills and characteristics that good small business managers should have to be successful. These skills include the ability to effectively multi-task, make decisions, lead well, motivate others, promote business development and efficiently communicate with others.

Skills and characteristics like these—as well as many others—are enhanced through a bachelor’s in management program. Continue your experience in becoming a leader others want to follow.

Is It for You? Consider These Questions

  • Am I an active listener who cares what others have to say?
  • Do I enjoy analyzing and solving problems to contribute to positive outcomes?
  • Do I have a desire to enhance my communication skills in becoming more effective in my writing and speech?

Discover a Management Degree Designed Just for You

What kind of leader will you be? With the knowledge, skills and experiences gained through a bachelor’s in organizational management, you can be a leader who motivates and inspires others to succeed.

And in a degree program at PGS, you can continue your education in a convenient format that’s designed to meet the needs and schedules of busy working adults. At PGS, you can choose to take courses 100% online or one night a week on campus. With a practical curriculum taught by experienced faculty members, you can be well on your way to achieving your goals with a degree.

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