Why CU?

There’s nothing quite like the experience you gain at Cornerstone University.

Companies value and pursue Cornerstone graduates. With CU's Virtue Project initiative and faculty's unique emphasis on relational learning, CU students are not only smart; they are also passionate, well-rounded adults who love Christ and the opportunity to influence the world for Him.

Enter your future with more than a degree, and build a life that matters.

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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 24

    CU Golden Eagle Day

  • Feb 24

    CU Chapel: Day of Prayer Praise Chapel

  • Feb 24

    CU Swingtime

  • Feb 26


  • Feb 27

    CU Chapel: Beacon Light

  • Mar 01

    GRTS Chapel: Dr. Jonathan Greer

  • Mar 01

    CU Chapel: Lent

  • Mar 01

    CU Chapel: Lent Chapel

  • Mar 03

    CU Chapel: Bonnie Gatchell

  • Mar 09

    Employer Internship Training 101

  • Mar 13

    CU Chapel: Departmental Advising

  • Mar 14

    Talking Points Conference