Why CU?

Our world needs Christ-centered influencers. From expert faculty to strengths-based career guidance, we equip you to thrive in your faith and work.

As a matter of fact, 94% of our 2017 traditional undergraduate students were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. Because when creativity, innovation and biblical virtues are the core of your career, employers take notice.

And while we're proud of where our undergraduate and graduate degree programs rank, that's only part of the story. We exist because you matter.

Enter your future with more than a degree. Build a life that matters.

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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 19

    Chapel: Owen Longjohn (Psalm 9:9-20)

  • Oct 21


  • Oct 22

    Chapel: Susan Burner (John 4:1-29)

  • Oct 24

    GRTS Chapel: Rev. Dr. Walter Gibson

  • Oct 24

    Chapel: Kim Nguyen (Leviticus 25:1-17)

  • Oct 26

    Chapel: Mordecai Njoroge (Psalm 12)

  • Oct 28


  • Oct 29

    Chapel: Alexiana Fry (John 6:35-51)

  • Oct 30

    Move Up With a Master's

  • Oct 31

    GRTS Chapel: Pastor Joy Bonnema

  • Oct 31

    Chapel: Dr. Joe Stowell (Numbers 20:1-13)

  • Nov 01

    Thursday Evening Bible Class with Dr. Tim Gombis