Since 2015, Leticia de la Paz has served as a women’s chaplain with Forgotten Man Ministries, an organization that visits both men’s and women’s prisons to spread the good news of the gospel. Forgotten Man also recently opened a new ministry branch to help inmates reorient to life after prison with job placement and housing assistance, all through a lens of faith and being the hands and feet of God.

“We are bringing together the dispersed church of Christ that doesn’t want to go back to church,” de la Paz said.

De la Paz graduated this year with her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Cornerstone Theological Seminary where she was a member of the Urban Cohort program. In 2011, de la Paz received her associate degree from Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies program, followed by her Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership at Cornerstone before continuing on to CTS.

She is also a chaplain at Kent County Jail in Grand Rapids, Mich. De la Paz is able to minister one-on-one with women in the prison and talk to them about Scripture. She also has the unique opportunity to minister in both Spanish and English.

“A friend from church invited me,” de la Paz said. “I saw the compassion the prisoners needed. It has been a growing experience to see how fragile life is.” De la Paz says that most of these women know the Word of God but have lost hope and support. Forgotten Man Ministries gives her the opportunity to do as God has commanded her—to lift those who are downtrodden. De la Paz said that GRTS prepared her to pursue her calling as a ministry leader and to understand her role in God’s kingdom.

“Theology helps you understand your calling and be more sensitive to how you can be involved in God’s plan and His creation,” de la Paz said. Theology and calling are at the very heart of Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28—to spread the good news of the Bible to all nations. This passage is at the heart of de la Paz’s passion for ministry, and how she has combined her knowledge of Scripture with her call to serve.