Yellow Window: The Crucifixion of Christ, The Sower

Located on the north wall of Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel, the yellow stained glass window depicts Christ on the cross, foreshadowing His resurrection from the cross as He sows the seeds of life. The burial shroud on His shoulder also serves as a seed bag. The left panel depicts a rose shooting up from the frozen ground and a bird's nest in the shape of Jesus' crown of thorns, filled with eggs to symbolize new life.

Crafted by Peter Brandes, a Danish artist, the yellow stained glass window shows the unfolding events approaching Easter morning.

Signs of the Apostle

The small panes at the top and bottom corners of the yellow stained glass window depict signs of the Apostles.

  • To settle his doubt, Thomas puts his finger in the wound in Jesus' side (top).
  • Peter is depicted by a sword (bottom left) with which he cut off the ear of a Roman soldier in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • A cross and sword (bottom right) depict Matthew the tax collector—hinted by the image of an abacus—who was crucified and beheaded.

Installation Photos