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Age: 22

Year: Super senior (or 5th year senior, or just senior - it’s your preference!)

Hometown: Maybee, MI

Major: Strategic Communication

Dorm: Keithley 

More about Jessica:

Why did you choose CU?

I graduated in the Spring of 2010 with my Associates degree from a local community college, and just a few months prior I felt God tugging on my heart to continue my education. It was a quick process, but in a few months I was deposited and ready to attend Cornerstone in the Fall. Typically, I would never make a decision so quickly, but when I stepped on campus I just knew that THIS is where God wanted me.

Have you had any internships yet?

I completed my required internship in the Undergrad Admissions office during the Spring of my Junior year. I worked as the Campus Visit Coordinators Assistant in the semester prior, so when my boss went on her maternity leave I had the privilege of planning the events while she was away. It was one of the best experiences in my life! In fact, I enjoyed interning so much that I sought an additional internship during my final year just for fun.

What are your career aspirations?

I would love to become an Event Planner when I graduate!

Who is your favorite professor?

Desiree Duff is my favorite professor on campus. I have never been so challenged in class courses in my entire life, but she cares so much for each of her students that she pushes us to be the best we can possibly be in every aspect of the course. THAT is true dedication to loving your students!

Tell us about your living situation: This year is my second year living in Keithley. I absolutely love community life, and I would highly encourage incoming students to at least consider spending a year living on campus (you’ll get hooked and won’t want to leave!).

Are you involved in any activities at CU?

I serve in Terra Firma Leadership Council (I pair with another upper classman to become both a Terra Firma Group Leader and a Cornerstone University Facilitator), SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise), & CU Ambassadors.

Any fun facts you can share with us?

When I was 8 years old I competed in Extemporaneous Speaking. I actually had one of the worst evaluations of the day, and I told my parents I would never speak in public again! I was blessed to have judges that saw the potential in me and challenge me to continue practicing… fourteen years later I love public speaking and became a Strategic Communication major.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to curl up in sweat pants with a cup of coffee and friends and watch a movie.

How would you describe community life at CU?

Community life at Cornerstone is what separates us from all of the other schools. It’s noticeable when you step on campus and see the way staff and faculty deeply love and serve the students. Students, being equipped by our leaders, then in turn love and challenge one another to pursue our individual passions and become more Christ-like.

What did God teach you last semester?

One of the lessons I learned last semester was the lack of importance of planning. It may sound strange, but I was practically consumed with agendas and checklists for each day. When I studied abroad in Ireland over J-Term, God really showed me that his timing and plans are way better than anything I could ever create.

What’s your favorite thing about CU?

I love the location of Cornerstone! Having the ability to attend a University right in the heart of Grand Rapids is phenomenal because there is always so much going on in the surrounding area.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

One of my favorite spots on campus is the sidewalk that runs alongside our beautifully landscaped pond. I love to go for walks at night, so having a well lit area that is safe for a cool evening stroll is definitely a great way to relax after finishing my homework.

What are you looking forward to most about the new school year?

I’m looking forward to this year being the best year yet! Because I will be graduating in May, I am planning on being involved with as many student activities as possible and creating many more memories that I will never forget.

What was your favorite thing about Terra Firma?

The first week of Terra Firma is an incredible experience! I loved having the opportunity to be immediately connected with a small group, and honestly that first week created a few of my closet friends to date! My advice to incoming students would be to be open to your fellow classmates; the experience is what you choose to make it, so dive in and get to know one another.

What was is like to transfer to CU?

Transferring to Cornerstone was one of the best decisions I have ever made.