Hospitality matters.

Thank you for your interest in having an event at Cornerstone University! Because hospitality matters to the Cornerstone community, we strive to host events for organizations and individuals whose beliefs and values align with the university's mission and confession.

Explore how you can partner with us to host your upcoming concert, conference, wedding ceremony or overnight event. To inquire about hosting your event at Cornerstone, submit an event request or email

Event Request

Rentable Venues

Cornerstone has a beautiful campus and is located conveniently off of I-196 and the East Beltline, and we look forward to personally assisting you in finding the perfect venue for your next event based on your specific needs. For information about the spaces we have available for rent, select a venue option to learn more.

As we are always looking to partner with organizations and groups that have values in alignment with our mission, we would be glad to explore an adjusted price point based on your circumstance.