Interested in Teaching Adults?

The Professional & Graduate Studies Division offers programs in a classroom setting, blended setting (combination of classroom and online) and online format. In each format, the program is a series of accelerated courses designed to meet specific program objectives. Cohorts generally consist of 12-15 students, can begin at any time during the year and stay together until all of the courses in the program are completed. Students take only one course at a time, allowing them to focus on one subject.

In a classroom setting, students meet once a week for four hours. Typically, associate and bachelor's level courses meet for five weeks and master's level courses meet for six or seven weeks. When a course ends, the next course often begins the following week. Each course in the program is a required component. This calendar structure means that students can finish their degree in a relatively short time as compared to a traditional college calendar.

Courses combine lecture and teacher/student interaction. Instructional methods in the programs integrate practical experience and theory through assignments, mini-lectures, seminars, case studies, simulations, small group discussions and projects related to the student's professional goals.

Online and blended programs use the Internet and Moodle, an online course-management system to maximize learning. Students and instructors exchange assignments and feedback through discussion boards, e-mail and file attachments. Active links within the course material enable students to do additional research on topics, quizzes, exams and other assignments that are built into the materials to assess student understanding of the concepts being presented.

PGS is seeking talented and qualified Christian professionals who are experienced facilitators to teach in locations in Michigan or in online courses and programs. Specific content area and need vary by location.

Only experienced classroom and online instructors need apply.

Please Note: All Bible, Religion, Theology, Christian Ministry positions have been filled (all locations and online).

Immediate Needs

  • Accounting, Finance, Economics

Needs by Location

  • Grand Rapids: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Psychology, Sociology
  • Kalamazoo: No needs at this time
  • Lansing: No needs at this time
  • Online: Psychology, Accounting, Finance, Economics

Women, minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


  • An active Christian commitment and a theology that supports the values and mission of the university 
  • A master’s or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited college/university related to the subject the faculty member would teach and that was earned a minimum of two years prior to application 
  • A minimum of five years recent work experience related to the subject the faculty member would teach; K-12 teaching/administrative experience, if applying to teach in an education program 
  • Previous teaching, training and/or experience with adult learners and classroom management technology 
  • Online candidates should be experienced with one or more classroom learning platforms.


  • Facilitate student learning and build an intentional learning community in which students are encouraged to express their ideas 
  • Classroom faculty must be available to teach evenings at main campus and off-campus sites
  • Online faculty must be available to respond to postings at least four times weekly and to email inquiries within 24 hours during the course period.


Cornerstone University is committed to academic excellence; therefore, expectations of its faculty include:

  • Completion of Faculty Orientation training - Orientation and Basic Moodle - prior to first appointment 
  • Completion of Basic Christian Worldview workshop within six months 
  • Participation in at least two professional development activities each year - one must be attendance at a faculty-development workshop offered by PGS; accommodations are made for online faculty 
  • Participation in curriculum review, as requested 
  • Participation in commencement and other special events, as requested 
  • Staying current in his/her field through reading, research, writing, professional or continuing education, and other professional or scholarly endeavors 

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