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Cornerstone Theological SeminaryResilience: Finding Wholeness in Ministry by Way of the Cross

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Burnout and Resilience

The goal of this study is to equip pastors and ministry leaders to identify symptoms of burnout in themselves and their colleagues and to avoid burnout by pursuing resilience.

This study is for pastors, ministry leaders and students and features Dr. Bob Burns and Pastors Mike Bartlett, Joy Bonnema, Karen Ingebretson, Mark Shaw and Ben Vaught.

Study Resources

Download Small Group Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)

Download Small Group Workbook (PDF)

Lesson 1 Video | Experiencing Burnout

Watch the video titled Burnout Stories in which Ben, Mike and Mark share their experiences of burnout. As you watch, take notes using the table in your workbook. Try to identify what contributed to their burnout, the symptoms they experienced and their pathway to recovery.

Lesson 2 Video | Defining Burnout

Watch the video titled One-Legged Stool in which Rev. Dr. Bob Burns describes what he and his colleagues heard from a pastor during their research on resilient ministry.

Lesson 4 Video | Defining Resilience

Watch the video titled How Pastors Define Resilience.

Lesson 5 Video | Resilient Ministry

Watch the video titled Resilient Ministry in which Rev. Dr. Bob Burns describes what he and his colleagues learned about what helps pastors survive and thrive in ministry.

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