More than an Accommodation.

The university will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The purpose of accommodation is to provide equal access to educational opportunities to students affected by disabilities, and the university does not intend that the standards be altered, nor that the essential elements of programs or courses be changed.

Students having documented disabilities may apply for accommodations through Student Disability Services (SDS), which is part of the Cornerstone University Center of Student Success located in Miller Hall on the main campus. Disability accommodations for students from the traditional undergraduate program, Professional & Graduate Studies and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary are addressed centrally in SDS.

Accommodations are granted on the basis of determined need and appropriate documentation of disabilities. Students must complete an application and submit appropriate documentation, which will be reviewed by the Accommodations Officer and the Accommodations Review Committee. Upon acceptance, the student will meet with the Director of Academic Support to develop an Individualized Student Accommodation Plan (ISAP) based on the ARC recommendations. Students will be given a green Verification Letter to give to their professors, and should schedule a meeting with each professor at the beginning of each semester to discuss their needs. In the event that students have questions regarding whether they are eligible for accommodations, how they might provide appropriate documentation of disabilities, or how they might handle a disagreement with a professor over questions of accommodation, the Director of Academic Support should be contacted immediately at 616.222.1596 or at If a disagreement should arise surrounding eligibility for services, or the manner in which a specific accommodation is being implemented, the student has a right to informal and formal grievance procedures. View a copy of the Grievance Procedures.

Please note, the process for determining eligibility for accommodations can take 5-6 weeks, so students should complete an application and submit appropriate documentation well in advance. To be deemed appropriate documentation, testing and assessment of disability must have been completed no more than three years prior to the application for accommodations at Cornerstone University.