Developing future leaders.

At Cornerstone University, we're passionate about increasing diversity and developing future leaders for service in a variety of careers and roles within 21st-century organizations. We're excited to offer the Doctor of Education Scholarship, which is designed to equip students from under-represented groups for the successful completion of the Ed.D. program. Scholarships are awarded each year based on a review of applications with particular attention given to the ways in which the scholarship will:

  • Benefit the individual student towards completing the Ed.D. program.
  • Benefit the applicant's workplace/community.

For the purposes of this scholarship, diversity may refer to cultural background, gender, age, race/ethnicity or persons with disabilities.

This scholarship will provide two Ed.D. students with a $7,000 tuition discount. If you are awarded the scholarship, this discount is applied on a per course basis throughout the duration of your program at $500 per course. The discount will end once it is applied to your first RES-925 credit. In order to retain this scholarship, you must remain in good standing and have a continuous enrollment status according to the academic catalog.

Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded to first-time enrolled Ed.D. students. To be considered for the scholarship, you must be accepted into the program and complete the scholarship application by April 1. You must complete all information on the application to be considered for the award. The scholarship awards for the 2020 cohort will be announced on April 15.

Diversity Scholarship Application