Restoring the joy of teaching.

Cornerstone University's 16th Annual English as a Second Language (ESL) Conference focused on the theme "Teach Better, Prepare Less: Restoring the Joy of Teaching ESL."


Laurel Pollard, who has been a teacher and teacher educator for more than 30 years, served as the keynote speaker.  Laurel taught for many years at the University of Arizona and now leads workshops all over the world.

Her books include "Zero Prep: Ready-to-Go Activities for the Language Classroom," "Zero Prep for Beginners," "Now You're Talking," "WOW! Stories From Real Life" and "Finding Family."

The Cracked Water Jar

Session Descriptions

Conference sessions offered relevant, hands-on application of various teaching techniques. These dynamic lessons provide actionable takeaways that can be adjusted for specific teaching contexts and personalized for students' needs.

  • Teaching Better, Preparing Less with Zero Prep Activities
    Want the rest of your teaching life to be easier and more effective? Come and practice interactive activities that help students learn quickly and remember what they've learned, require no teacher prep time, and can be used to teach any content at any level. With these activities, you can help your students learn more—and avoid burnout at the same time!
  • Boost Vocabulary with Activities that Create Community and Build Self-Confidence
    Help your students become lifelong vocabulary learners with this collection of best-practice vocabulary activities. Little preparation time for you, maximum engagement for your students, both in class and in the world beyond the classroom.
  • Help Students Take Charge of Their Own Learning
    When students choose their own learning goals and effective strategies, self-assess their progress, and revise their learning plans, they learn faster and gain in personal empowerment. These proven activities and strategies are easy to introduce, work in multi-level classes, and can be transformative for your students!

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