Opportunities matter.

At Cornerstone University, we're committed to empowering students to thrive in the classroom, in the workplace and beyond. With our convenient program options, your employees can work and study simultaneously to contribute to your organization's success.

Programs Designed for Your Employees

With the experiences gained through pursuing an education, your team members can be equipped to make a difference in their work. Regardless of industry, foundational knowledge is beneficial in organizational success. Through gaining understanding in both business knowledge and transferable skills, employees can contribute to a positive company culture through their work.

Built for Working Adults

Our programs run year-round as students take one 5-8 week course at a time. With the help of their academic adviser, students won't have to worry about signing up for classes or changing their schedule so they can focus on thriving in school and work.

Programs are offered 100% online, blended and on-campus right here in Kalamazoo just one night a week.

Support from a Network of Peers

Students join with a community of learners that provides support, encouragement and the opportunity to hear from different backgrounds. This network of peers provides unique insight so that your employee can experience and develop solutions and recognize alternative ideas, perspectives and experiences rooted in other industries.

Immediately Applicable Curriculum

Course work emphasizes application over traditional tests to equip students with tools they can use every day. Our faculty have years of on-the-job experience in their field so they know what it's like to learn and apply the material. Through combining an academic and real-world focus, students are equipped to apply what they learn in the classroom to their work environment.

Our degrees equip students with practical knowledge, skills and experiences they can apply directly to their work. Whether at the associate or graduate level, your employees can pursue a degree to equip them to be a positive influence and add value to their career. We offer degrees in business, human services, psychology, education, ministry and TESOL, including these programs:

Empower Your Employees to Make a Difference

Empower your team to thrive by promoting an engaging environment for employees to grow in their experiences and add value to your organization. Learn more about how Cornerstone can help you meet those goals through higher education right here in Kalamazoo. Connect with Steven Alderman at 616.581.4045 or steven.alderman@cornerstone.edu.

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