Laptop and Mobile Device Requirements

Cornerstone University recommends using the following list of hardware requirements as a guide when purchasing a computer or mobile device.

Hardware Requirements

It is important to have the newest computer possible to ensure you have the fewest problems with both your hardware and software. Your computer will be the most important tool you use in your education.


All students should bring a laptop that is no older than four years and can run current versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS or Google ChromeOS. Your device should have 120 gigabytes or more of available storage (except for ChromeOS), and some form of a data backup is recommended.

Microsoft Office

As long as you are a student at Cornerstone, Microsoft Office can be obtained for free for both Windows and macOS. On Arrival Day, we'll provide you with information on how to obtain this software at no extra cost.

Media Majors

Contact the Communication & Media Studies Division to confirm program-specific technology requirements.

Mobile Devices

For Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphones and tablets need to be running an OS (iOS and Android) that has been released in the last three years. We cannot guarantee Wi-Fi connectivity for all device models; this is due to the extreme variety of Android devices on the market which makes them unpredictable.

Wireless Internet and Hardware Repairs

Technology Support will provide assistance connecting your devices to printing on campus and our free wireless internet. All other computer software or hardware problems will need to be addressed by a third-party repair or support center.

For additional questions, call Technology Support at 616.222.1510.