Bailie Rouse is passionate about guiding people through difficult seasons of life and grounding her counseling philosophy in her faith. Rouse graduated from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in December 2019 with her Master of Arts in counseling. Since February 2020, Rouse has worked at Family Outreach Center, a nonprofit organization that provides behavioral and mental health services to youth and families in the community. Rouse is currently working alongside Kent School Services Network (KSSN), promoting positive academic and social-emotional outcomes for adolescents in school. Family Outreach Center collaborates with KSSN to provide mental health services.

Rouse began her new position only a month before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was a pretty challenging transition,” Rouse said. “I started out doing telehealth with children, adolescents, and families over Zoom, which I had only done once during my internship. With older kids and teens, it’s easier, but with younger kids, it’s a bit more challenging to keep their focus.” Rouse continues to meet with clients both virtually and in person to meet the needs of families.

Bailie’s long-term goal is to open a restoration home for women, a place to provide them with holistic services including therapy, support groups, spiritual direction and classes focused on life skills.

“My reasoning to go into counseling was not to start a private practice,” Rouse said. “I wanted to help people know their true worth and value as well as help them cope through grief or mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. I want to help people find ways to grow and understand mental health while also providing them with practical life skills.”

“To me, it’s about giving people space to process their emotions and develop their own autonomy,” Rouse said. “My faith grounds me. I don’t have to push my faith on others to express Christ’s love and grace. I can simply be a stable presence and sit with them in their journey as they navigate their challenges and identify their strengths.”