Hi! My name is Bianca Jones, and I am the new student writer for Cornerstone University’s Navigating Undergrad blog.  I am a junior studying psychology with a focus in science and practice and a minor in professional writing. Someday I hope to pursue a career studying criminal behavior.

Outside of class, I serve as a student intern for the Office of Spiritual Formation & Christian Community.  Additionally, I am part of the Social Science Student Advisory Council. These roles keep me connected to staff, faculty and my peers, an opportunity I value and appreciate.

An average day in my life starts with my commute to class, which includes—most importantly—a stop at Starbucks. (America may run on Dunkin’, but this girl runs on Starbucks.) Luckily, there is a Starbucks within five miles of the campus, ensuring I both get my latte and get to class on time.

Classes at Cornerstone are super engaging and designed with students in mind. While my classes challenge me, each of my professors genuinely care that I learn the material and they take the time to apply abstract concepts to real life situations.

Due to Cornerstone’s low student-to-faculty ratio in classes, by the second week of class, my professors knew my name and a few of my interests. In fact, in one of my afternoon classes, we have coffee Fridays, where the professor brings in a coffee pot and brews coffee for the class. This is where I get my second cup of coffee for the day.

After class I usually sit somewhere in the Student Corum to do my homework. The Corum Student Union is a place for students to gather and play board games, challenge each other to a game of pool or grab a cup of coffee at the Golden Eagle Café (where I often get my third cup of coffee for the day).

Between classes and doing homework, I usually have meetings. Sometimes the meetings are for my student internship, sometimes they are for the Social Science Council and other times I utilize my professors’ office hours to ensure that I really understand what is being discussed in class.

At Cornerstone, professors are highly involved outside of the classroom, which builds beautiful mentoring relationships that help you grow academically as well as spiritually and emotionally.

Unless I go to work later in the day, I go home where I have—you guessed it—my fourth cup of coffee.

Cornerstone challenges me in many ways and I love my days here. I genuinely believe that you would too.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Cornerstone can offer you, I encourage you to come visit! You can schedule your visit to Cornerstone today.