Everybody loves a red carpet welcome. At Cornerstone University, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. You get to taste the best of Cornerstone’s food, attend chapel with current students, sit in on a class that fits your interests and, most importantly, partake in our sacred tradition of warm cookie Friday.

Cornerstone offers multiple Golden Eagle Days throughout the year as a way for you to meet faculty, catch students in their daily lives and get to know campus. You even have the option of staying the night in the dorms with a student host. Golden Eagle days are about you!


I can honestly say I was set on Cornerstone within the first two hours of visiting. The environment is so inviting and everyone here really works to make you feel at home. The welcome here is even warmer than the cookies.

As much as I love free food and occasional raffles, probably the biggest benefit of these visits is the group tour. Not only will you get to explore the campus, but you also get to ask plenty of questions. If you are shy, this may be uncomfortable for you, but I promise it will be worth it. It’s difficult to make a college decision without doing your research after all, and our tour guides are eager to share their experiences as students and their insider knowledge about the school.


There are endless amounts of questions you can ask, but you want to make sure you are focusing on the important ones like, “Can I swim in the pond?” Okay, maybe that isn’t the most important question—also no, you cannot—but there are probably some questions that you haven’t thought of yet, which is one of the benefits of touring with a group. Either way, here are some questions to consider asking while on your tour.


Before you start with anything else, you really should see if Cornerstone offers your major, and maybe your minor too. If you don’t know what you want to study, feel free to ask general questions about what is offered so you can find what may best fit your strengths and interests.


While it is totally acceptable to sit in your dorm room all four years of college and do nothing but play video games and eat popcorn, I would not recommend it. We offer many ways to get connected, so if you are interested in something, ask about it. Whether it is music, board games or dancing, we can help you get involved. What sold Cornerstone for me was the community. I have been able to build so many relationships and I am incredibly grateful for that. So take it from me and get involved!


It is easy to feel nervous as an incoming freshman, but don’t worry. We have got you covered. Make sure to ask about the resources we have on campus to support you with classes, health, people and anything else.

Cornerstone supported me through resident leaders. I relied heavily on my resident assistant and resident director throughout my first year of college, and I know for a fact that many students have benefited from the legendary massage chair in the Center for Student Success.

The best part is that the compassionate and supportive environment doesn’t go away after your visit day; I still get to experience it every day of the school year!

So what are you waiting for? This is my formal invitation to you: sign up to visit Cornerstone and come experience campus for yourself! Don’t forget to ask questions, eat at least two warm cookies and take a picture with Rocky the Golden Eagle.