A sacred work.

Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel features stained glass windows, installations, and sculptures created by internationally recognized artists.

Peter Brandes

Commissioned to design and craft four stained glass windows for Christ Chapel, Peter Brandes, a world-renowned painter and sculptor from Denmark, undertook the project with partnership from assistants Jannik Kvetney and Esben Justesen.

He also built replicas of the stained glass windows for ArtPrize. Now located in Grand Rapids Theological Seminary's Pirsig/DeBruyn Chapel, the replicas were originally on display in the lobby of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids during September/October 2015.

Maja Lisa Engelhardt

As a Danish painter, Engelhardt created the Golden Cross for Christ Chapel.

Albert Paley

Paley, a metal sculptor from Rochester, New York, crafted "Let There Be Light" for display in the narthex of Christ Chapel.