Blue Window: The Baptism of Christ

Located on the west wall of Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel, the blue stained glass window depicts John the Baptist's hand pouring water over the head of Jesus. The water encircling Christ represents the never-ending flow of living water that nourishes and refreshes the souls of those who believe.

Crafted by Peter Brandes, a Danish artist, the blue stained glass window utilizes rich shades and tones to show the movement of the flowing water.

Signs of the Apostles

The small panes at the top and bottom corners of the blue stained glass window depict signs of the Apostles.

  • The star (top) represents Thaddaeus, a shepherd who saw the star of Bethlehem.
  • The saw (bottom left) symbolizes the martyrdom of Simon the Zealot who was cut into pieces.
  • We see the flayed shoulder and arm (bottom right) of Bartholomew—also known as Nathanael—who was skinned to death.

Installation Photos